Bumpdate {24 Weeks}

Today I am 25 weeks and the photo below was taken yesterday.  So much for keeping up with these updates!  With the 4th of July holiday we were on the go and did not have time to take a bumpdate photo.  Oh, well!

Baby Girl,

We may have found a name for you!  Just like last time we casually came across a name without looking in a baby book that both your dad and I like.  It is way too early to say if it will be your name or not as lots could change, but we’ve started calling you it on a regular basis.  Of course your dad still calls you Mildred quite often, our nickname for you.  I do not use this name as I just can’t.  You are not a Mildred.  

This past week we bought your brother a baby doll to get ready for your arrival along with some big brother books.  He could not wait to get his doll out of the box and immediately gave her kisses.  It was so sweet.  We could be wrong, but we think he will be such a sweet big brother.

We can’t wait to give you kisses for real in a few months!



Feeling: More like myself

Last Thursday marked 24 Weeks for baby girl and I.  The past few weeks I have been feeling much more like myself.  I have not been so emotional and have been getting my drive back to get stuff done full force.  This is so exciting for me.  I love being productive.

Cravings:  Cereal (Kellogg’s Special K with Red Berries and Chocolate Chex)

Weight Gain: At my 25 week appointment today I was up 15.75 total pounds.  This brought on a panic initially because that means I gained just over 8 pounds in the last month. Eeekkkk!! I did look back at my last pregnancy weight gain and this exact same month I gained 7.5 pounds and then my weight gain leveled off again until the end.  Here’s to hoping that’s the case this time, too.

Or maybe it had something to do with wearing jeans and long sleeves to this appointment compared to a sundress last time.  We will find out.  I try not to stress too much as I believe if you are eating right and exercising your body does what it needs when you are pregnant, but seeing an increase like I did is never easy.  I remain about 3 pounds lighter than my last pregnancy at this point even with the big jump this month.  A healthy baby girl is all that matters, but let’s be real.  We would all prefer a healthy child without unnecessary weight gain.

Symptoms:  I’m still feeling tired at the end of the day and I’m thinking this may be here to stay.  New with this bumpdate are that lower back aches are becoming a regular along with some sciatic nerve pain.  Nightly heartburn after I go to bed showed up a week or two ago just like during my first pregnancy.

Exercise/Workouts:  I maintained my #rwrunstreak during the past few weeks logging the following miles during each week along with the following workouts: 

Week 22-Ran 10 miles (2.05, 3, 1.1, 1.2, 2.64) Both of my missed runs during my #rwrunstreak from Memorial Day to the Fourth of July were during this week.  It was a tough week.

 Week 23-Ran 12.8 miles (1, 1, 1.07, 2.04, 1.5, 5, 1.2), 1 strength training session, 1 short hike (.8 miles) and 1 hour outdoor yoga class.

Looking Forward To:

 Getting baby girl’s room complete (same as last time).  I purchased most of the items we are going to be putting in her room.  Now it is time to tape, paint and decorate.  Hopefully we will have some time to get to this soon.



Bumpdate {22 Weeks}

Little man loves the click of the camera and wanted to get in on the action this week.  22 Weeks last Thursday.

Baby Girl,

At 22 weeks we are busy getting you room ready.  I’m drawing up sketches and researching what and where I want to purchase items for your room.  I love doing this.  Your daddy thinks it sounds like a lot of work  I broke the news to him that he will be painting again. He hates painting, but will do it for you!  Your brother loves touching my outtie belly button.  He giggles mostly because it tickles me so I laugh.  It gets us all laughing.  

People keep asking if we have a name for you.  To be honest, we haven’t even begun talking about it.  Last time we waited until we found out we were having a baby boy, so no girl names were ever discussed.  I’m thinking I will want to see your face before deciding on a name for sure like we did with your brother.

I love your movements that are happening frequently now.  

Love, Mom

Feeling: Emotional

Last Thursday marked 22 Weeks for baby girl and I.  It was a rough day.  I was definitely feeling the hormones and cried three times that day.  Once I cried just because I looked around at how messy my house was.  So messy it reduced me to tears.  After going to bed early, the next day was much better.  I’m normally not an emotional person.  The husband loves all of this of course.

Cravings:  Fruit (apples, berries, bananas)

Weight Gain: 7.5 pounds

Symptoms:  Emotional, some vegetable aversions still, tired at the end of the day, back aches are starting already

Exercise/Workouts:  I definitely have to wear my Gabriella maternity support belt now.  I’ve actually been wearing it on every run for the past four weeks.  It is a life saver.  I’ve been #rwrunstreaking strong (and posting daily updates on Instagram @sneaksandstilettos and my facebook page-Sneaks and Stilettos), but missed my first day this week because I was not feeling great.  I tried running on two different occasions on that day and neither time did it feel right, so I listened to my body and didn’t run further.  My comfortable pace has slowed down by a minute to two minutes depending on the day and the summer heat.  Otherwise running has been going pretty well. The arches of my feet have been bothering me, but I’m hoping new shoes with more support and cushion will help.  I’ve been getting in one or two weight sessions or 21 Day Fix workouts a week, but I’m hoping to get in at least three now that I’m in a summer routine.

Looking Forward To:  Getting your room complete

Bumpdates will be posted roughly every two weeks!  Stay tuned as I document my take on a healthy, active pregnancy.




Bumpdate #1 {Baby #2}

I thought committing to a photo update every two weeks would be manageable.  It has proved to be more of a struggle than I thought it would be with a one year old to chase and a husband that is working a lot lately.  Half of the photos below were taken a week or more after the actual week stated, but I got them documented.  I’m not sure how I managed a photo a week and a journal entry with baby #1!?!


Now that summer vacation is under way I know I can do better and would like to add in a few more details with future bumpdates.  I keep looking back at my pregnancy journal that I made with my weekly chalkboard and pregnancy journal updates from the first time around. I so love that I documented and made a photo book of my first pregnancy to look back on.  So special to me!  I would definitely recommend preggo mamas do this even if you don’t ever plan to share it with anyone but yourself.  I made mine on Shutterfly.  I don’t think I’ve even really showed mine to anyone (well, except if you read this blog you saw the weekly journals) because it really is for me.

Here is an update from the first half of my pregnancy with baby #2 so far.  Apparently I really like stripes!



During the first 14 weeks I suffered from extreme fatigue and evening nausea on a daily basis.  I also had lots of headaches and threw up several times (which was only once last time, but I was nauseous off and on frequently).  Most the time my headaches felt like the onset of a migraine.  I used to get these in high school and they returned after having baby #1.  I also had two colds and pink eye for the first time ever.  Combine this with being on my own with little man each night after work while the husband was coaching and it was tough.  With a busy boy there was no napping or really even sitting for this mama.

As for running, my mileage has been all over the place during the first half of pregnancy #2. If I’m being honest, I also hadn’t truly adjusted to balancing it all and working out.  I was just starting to get back into a routine with the marathon training I began in February.

Plans for running a marathon this spring changed when I found out I was pregnant, but I did manage to run a half marathon at 16 weeks pregnant comfortably.  During my first pregnancy that distance didn’t seem possible and my longest run was a 10k race.  I would not advise all women to go for this distance (and you should of course talk to your doctor), but since I had already ran 20 half marathons before along with over a dozen marathons and an ultra marathon I felt it to be ok and so did my midwife.

So far running has felt much more comfortable with this pregnancy.  Last time I seemed to experience a lot more ligament pain and pressure while running.  My bladder seemed to never get a break.  Maybe it is easier because I’ve done it before and know what to expect, or maybe it is because my muscles are already stretched out or maybe it really is easier this round.  Baby girl is positioned very differently compared to her older brother after all. Whatever the reason, I just know I’m really glad I’m enjoying running still (as much as I can when I’m pregnant).


I’m planning to track my workouts throughout the rest of my pregnancy on here so I can refer back to them should I need to in the future and to hold myself accountable. Social media and the internet are a great way to hold yourself to your goals.  It works for me anyway.

Stay tuned for biweekly bumpdates and my take on running and being active through pregnancy.  Off to do my kegels.