Gear I Love

When I first started running back in my middle school days it was so simple. All you needed was a pair of shoes and yourself. Maybe you brought a discman along for some of your runs, but that was all the gear needed. Now that I’ve been running longer distances for a while I know that running gear is never that simple. I’d also be lying if I said running is a cheap sport. While it certainly can be inexpensive to lace up your sneaks, I’ve yet to meet a fellow runner who doesn’t fall victim to the amazing gadgets and gear targeted to runners.

Sometimes I try to remind myself that all this gear I’m packing for a race or setting out for a long run is not completely necessary. Then I crash back to reality when I realize how dependent I’ve become. Since I am always looking for new products that make running more fun, easier, simple or stylish I spend a ridiculous amount of time reading others reviews or thoughts on products available. Here I will share some of the products I love, have worked for me, and that have made my running life more complete.

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