Completed States

Purple=Full Marathon Pink=Half Marathon

#1-Minnesota (Grandma’s Marathon-June 2008)
#2-Wisconsin (Madison Marathon-May 2009)
#3-Iowa (On the Road for Education Marathon-October 2010)
#4-Texas (RnR Dallas Half Marathon-March 2011)
#5-Michigan (Grand Rapids Marathon-October 2011)
#6-Nevada (RnR Las Vegas Marathon-December 2011)
#7-North Dakota (Fargo Half Marathon-May 2012)
#8-Virginia (RnR Virginia Beach Half Marathon-September 2012)
#9-Illinois (Chicago Marathon-October 2012)
#10-Arizona (RnR Arizona Marathon-January 2013)
#11-Georgia (Run the Reagan Half Marathon-February 2013)
#12-Alabama (Mercedes Marathon-February 2013)
#13-Utah (Big Cottonwood Marathon-September 2013)
#14-Kansas (Pilgrim Pacer Marathon-November 2013)
#15-Oregon (Foot Traffic Flat Marathon-July 2014)
#16-Montana (Missoula Marathon-July 2014)
#17-California (San Francisco Marathon-July 2018)
#18-Indiana (Carmel Marathon-March 2019)

#19-South Dakota (Brookings Marathon-May 2019

*I will run a marathon in every state. All half marathon states will eventually be marathon states, too.

5 thoughts on “Completed States

      • My hometown race (Syracuse) is the Empire State Marathon. I’ve heard Buffalo is fast and people really like the Mohawk/Hudson Marathon too (near Albany)… With that being said, they don’t compare to NYC 🙂

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