La Crosse, WI

Having lived in La Crosse for five years during my undergrad and visiting often now that my family lives there, I can tell you of many routes to run in Lax as it is often referred to. I’ve shared some of my favorites below.  (This post is incomplete at this time.  I will be updating as I have time.)

#1-Hixon Forest Trails-(1-7 miles depending on route)

The maps a bit blurry, but you can still find your way around these scenic trails. Some routes are very hilly (Grandad’s Bluff) but worth the views. Others are rolling hills, but none are flat. Upon arriving to Hixon Forest you will be greeted with the map of the trails to choose your route. The trails are all well-marked with maps along the way. These trails can be used during all seasons.
Screenshot 2014-04-14 11.24.36

#2-Marsh Trails near Myrick Park and UW-La Crosse (2-5 mile routes)


#3-Riverside Park-1-2 miles (connects to marsh trails if you want a longer route or to Pettibone Park #4)

#4-Pettibone Park
This park has around three miles of trail that create a loop. You can run across the Cass Street Bridge to Riverside Park which also connects to the marsh trails if you want to get a longer run in.

#5-La Crosse River Trail
This trail is 21.5 miles long, but connects to a series of other trails stretching 100 miles. There are a number of places to get on this trail in La Crosse.

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