Upcoming & Past Races



12.04-Ugly Sweater 5k

7.31-Maah Daah Hey Trail Half Marathon (North Dakota)

03.20-Shamrock Marathon (Virtual-Virginia)

01.16-Houston Marathon (Virtual-Texas)


7.25-Maah Daah Hey Trail Marathon (North Dakota) running another year

6.06-Sandhills Marathon (Nebraska) canceled

5.16-Virtual Ragnar Relay

5.16-Madeline Island Half Marathon canceled


5.11-Brookings Marathon (4:13-South Dakota)

3.30-Carmel Marathon (4:08-Indiana)


12.08-Ugly Sweater 5k
11.17-UW-L Turkey Trot 5k (32:00 w/double stroller in snow)
10.13-Sparta Half Marathon (1:53)
7.29-San Francisco Marathon (4:19-California)
7.04-Firecracker 4 Mile
5.06-Eau Claire Half Marathon (1:54:55)

12.09-Ugly Sweater 5k
11.23-Festival Turkey Trot 5 Mile
10.28-The Great Pumpkin Chase 5k Trail Race
10.14-Glow in the Deke 5k

12.10.16-The Ugly Sweater 5k
07.02.16-Remembering Jesse Parker 5 Mile (49:50) {24 Weeks Pregnant}
05.07.16-Grandad’s Half Marathon (2:17:23) {17 Weeks Pregnant}

07.04-Firecracker 4 mile
10.03-Oktoberfest Half Marathon

11.22-UW-L Turkey Trot 5k
10.18-Ghoulish Gallop 10k (14 weeks pregnant)
09.13-The Color Run-La Crosse
08.02-Dirty Girl Mud Run 5k
07.26-Big Ten Network 10k (52:59)
07.13-Missoula Marathon (4:01:26) Montana
07.04-Foot Traffic Flat Marathon (3:54:41) Oregon
06.07-Chester Woods 50k (5:25:32)
05.25-Med City Half Marathon (1:48:52)
05.03-Wisconsin Marathon (3:59:35)

12.15-The Ugly Sweater 5k (former Rotary Lights 5k) 24:38*
11.28-Festival Foods Turkey Trot 5 Mile (39:15)
11.23-Turkey Trot 5k (Walked)
11.08-Pilgrim Pacer Marathon-Kansas (4:06:38) Kansas
11.03-Rails to Trails Half Marathon (1:44:34)*
10.20-Honky Tonk Half Marathon (1:52:30)
10.12-Glow in the Deke 5k
9.14-Big Cottonwood Marathon (4:22:11) Utah
7.13-Dances With Dirt Half Marathon (DNF-Sprained Ankle)
6.15-A Race For Your Heart Half Marathon (1:50:17)
5.25-The Color Run-Racine (no idea-no times, just fun)
5.04-Grandad’s Half Marathon (1:50:21)
4.13-Vet Fest Half Marathon (1:49:53)
4.06-Trailbreaker Half Marathon (1:52:27)
2.17-Mercedes Marathon (3:53:52) Alabama
2.16-Run the Reagan Half Marathon (1:54:42) Georgia
1.20-RnR Arizona Marathon (3:36:36)* Arizona

12.09-Rotary Lights Run 5k-(27:??)
11.03-Tyranena Beer Run Half Marathon (1:52:06)
10.13-Glow in the Deke 5k (??:??)
10.07-Chicago Marathon (3:47:35) Illinois
9.02-RnR Virginia Beach Half Marathon (2:04:59) Virginia
8.16-Great River Ragnar Relay (29:10:53)
6.30-Remembering Jesse Parker 10k (52:38)
5.19-Fargo Half Marathon (1:56:13) North Dakota
3.17-Get Lucky 21k-Half Marathon (2:01:34)
3.10-Celtic Run Before You Crawl 5k (25:06)

12.04-RnR Las Vegas Marathon (4:09:05) Nevada
10.16-Grand Rapids Marathon (4:05:54) Michigan
7.02-Remembering Jesse Parker 10k (52:10)
5.22-Spring Fling Half Marathon (1:56:52)
5.01-La Crosse Fitness Festival Half Marathon (1:51:59)
3.27-RnR Dallas Half Marathon (1:54:33) Texas

10.24-On the Road for Education Marathon (3:47:41) Iowa
10.03-Twin Cities Marathon (3:48:45)
8.21-Full Moon Half Marathon (1:56:22)
7.03-Chileda Classic 10k (51:36)*
5.02-Fitness Festival Half Marathon (1:45:05)

12.13-Rotary Lights Run 5k-(59:17)
10.22-Pumpkin Dash Half Marathon (1:54:35)
5.24-Madison Marathon (3:56:40) Wisconsin
5.03-Fitness Festival Marathon Relay (20 miles-me/6.2-Ryan 3:51:21)

6.21-Grandma’s Marathon (3:59:24) Minnesota
5.03-St. Clare Health Mission Half Marathon (1:51:02)

11.22-UW-La Crosse Turkey Trot (26:40)

*=Personal Record

2 thoughts on “Upcoming & Past Races

  1. Hi! I found your blog recently and it is my favorite running blog. When I saw that you’re doing the Dells half I got really excited! I’ll be doing the full, and I will be saying hi if I see you there 🙂 your race reports are so helpful and I feel like I can relate to you more than I can with some of the other running blogs I read.
    Good luck at the Dells!!

    • Thanks for stopping by and reading my race reports! I can get wordy at times! I’m looking forward to the half in the Dells; way to go on running the full! I would love to hear your thoughts on it after. Definitely say hi if you see me and I’ll be on the lookout for you! Good luck on Sunday and maybe I will get to tell you in person!

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