What I Ate Wednesday {1}

I’ve decided to post my weekly food share in a post that might be more user friendly with links to easily get to recipes I’d recommend. I hope the recipes and ideas help you enjoy some healthy foods perhaps you wouldn’t have thought of before.

I’m for sure not a recipe creator. Recipe finder?! Yes!! I always give credit to the person who did think up the ideas I’m referencing by linking to their site specifically.


Almond Flour Pancakes with Peanut Butter, Cinnamon and Strawberries

Ok, maybe recipe modifier works, too. I’ve combined so many recipes to make this version, I can call it my own. A snow delay called for pancakes this morning!

Stir 6 eggs, 1/2 cup unsweetened applesauce, 1 cup almond flour, 1 tsp of baking soda and cinnamon as you like. Cook in a pan with coconut oil. Peanut butter on each pancake and sprinkle more cinnamon. Fruit is my sweetener so no syrup today.


A.M.-Banana and my new favorite Aldis sparkling water. As a long time La Croix lover I can tell you this stuff is equally amazing and much cheaper.

P.M.-Pear, string cheese (not pictured) and another Aldis sparkling water .

Handful of almond flour crackers with kids when we got home. We all LoVE these crackers and we default to these when on the go and in a rush!!


Sweet Potato Chili (recipe is linked)


Pizza (our favorite crust yet!) everyone in the house loved it and Broccoli Cheese Spaghetti Squash. I’m not a big fan of spaghetti squash and it turns out neither are my kids, but we will keep trying it. The husband loved this. If you like spaghettis squash you will probably love this also.

What’s a healthy meal you just love?

{IMM Training-Week #5}

This week was my week to get back on track with training and really life in general.  We were done with our road trip and life was going to start to slow down just a bit before it gets crazy with a new school year starting.  This means I will be back to work soon and for the first time since having baby.  The sadness I feel about this is almost too much.  I mean look at how cute he is.

To help distract me from going back to work get both stronger and lose the remaining baby weight I made the decision to start the 21 Day Fix in addition to marathon training.  Often marathon training means letting myself eat extra since I ran all those miles.  It also usually means not so much cross training.  Both of these “marathon habits” are counter productive to my goals so this is where 21 Day Fix comes in.

So far I am loving the 21 Day Fix.  I’m not a coach or compensated by the program in any way.  I love that it encourages clean and healthy eating without restricting any foods.  Of course you can’t eat what you want whenever, but it gives you the control to choose when to treat yourself.  A diet plan with no options for wine is just not going to work for me.  I also love that the workouts are only 30 minutes.  I absolutely have no more time to devote to exercising than what I am already doing.  I do not want to cut back on running or my once a week yoga class. 30 minutes is perfect.

I am going to be completing the 30 minute workouts each day while also remembering to enjoy these little baby moments. Some days I may not have time to run and do a 30 minute fix and that is ok.  I’m following the eating plan loosely.  I moved up a calorie bracket because I’m breastfeeding and also will be eating an additional carb because of the running I’m doing. Maintaining my milk supply is number one.  Losing weight and getting stronger is the overall goal, but not at sacrificing more important things.

The workouts are also perfect for all ability levels and include modifications.  I’m weaker than I’ve ever been since having baby, and I love that I can do these in my own home and can make the workouts more challenging as I get stronger.  I highly recommend 21 Day Fix to others looking to get stronger, lose a few pounds and get back on track with their eating while still having a life.  It is also perfect for runners who often struggle to do anything besides run.  I never can make myself strength train on my own; this is the motivation I needed.

Here’s what this week looked like:

Week #5

Monday-3.33 mile run and 60 minute Yoga Barre class

Yoga Barre hurt so good and I was sore for days.  It was a great feeling.

Tuesday-30 minute Upper Fix

Wednesday-5 mile run and 30 minute Lower Fix

Thursday-30 minute Pilates Fix

Friday-3 mile run and 30 minute Cardio Fix

Saturday-30 minute Dirty 30 workout

Sunday-off (family over all day so moved workouts to Monday)

Monday-7 mile run with little man in stroller and 30 minute Yoga Fix 

It was a sweaty workout day Monday, but I swear that it is only sweat. It totally looked like I peed my pants, but I did NOT!

Total Week 5 Miles-18.33

Screenshot 2015-08-11 12.21.28

Another perk of starting 21 Day Fix is trying new recipes.  Ever since getting pregnant I have not wanted to cook.  I’d been lacking motivation in anything to do with preparing meals, grocery shopping and trying new recipes.  I had so many food aversions during the first half of my pregnancy and feel like I’m just starting to like some of those foods again. There are a million recipes that are 21 day fix approved on Pinterest which has motivated me to start cooking again.  The husband and I enjoyed this Mexican Lasagna last Friday.  Regardless of whether you are interested in 21 Day Fix or not give this recipe a try.  I look forward to sharing more healthy recipes with all of you.

Happy Training!


{Friday Fab 5}

This week was one of those weird weeks where it feels like I can’t believe today is Friday and TGIF.
{#1-I heart pumpkin anything…especially pumpkin dip}

I ate mine with apples and it was the perfect fall snack! Warning: this recipe makes a lot. I’d recommend cutting it in half if you don’t want a huge bowl!

{#2-Wine & Memories}

Ryan and I cracked a bottle of wine last weekend and added our cork to our vase with corks inside. Per a Pinterest idea I found a while back, we’ve started dating and writing what we were doing when drinking the wine on the cork. It is a fun way to look back at all the little celebrations we’ve had. The wine was purchased while in Texas Hill Country while on vacation this past summer. Another tradition we’ve started is buying local wines while visiting places and saving them for future dates to reminisce and enjoy the places we visited.

{#3-Getting back in the groove…the running groove}

They say it takes 21 days to make a habit and I’d agree most of the time. Lately I’ve only been running with the cross country kids and not so much on my own. While it saves time, I don’t get that I’m a runner and I loved that run feeling, so this week I started my mission of getting in some quality runs solo after practice. I managed a blissful, geeked out smile 8 miler and a recovery 4 miler in addition to practice runs. This week was about falling in love with running all over again runs. More on those later!

{#4-Chicken Quinoa Chili}

This was one of my freezer meals I wrote about in August and let’s just say…AMAZING!

{#5-Fall Runs}

I’ve made it a goal to really enjoy fall outdoors (and not just by running) since it is my favorite way to experience the season. What are your fall goals?

Oh, and it’s not too late to sign up for the Glow in the Deke 5k this Saturday. It is a great family event and you can read more about it here.
Happy Weekend! 😉

{Friday Fab 5}

{#1-Tastefully Simple Sangria Slush}

2013-08-16 17.36.17

It’s simple.  Find your nearest Tastefully Simple rep.  Tell them you want the Sangria Slush.  Buy it.  This stuff is amazing;  I brought it to a family thing last weekend and the ladies loved it.  Now for the bad news.   It might be a summer item only.  Good thing I bought multiples!

{#2-Back to School Crazy Cooking Lady}

2013-08-19 16.11.34

That was me on Monday and Tuesday.  I washed produce the right way before cutting it and putting produce in separate containers.  It took me three hours, but it was so worth it to have everything ready to go because….

{#3-Crockpot and Oven Meals}

2013-08-19 17.20.40

….then for the next 5 hours I made meals that were put in the freezer to later be made in the oven or crockpot for easy eating when the craziness of the school year is officially underway.  I made 15 meals in total that simply need to be put in a pan in the oven or in the crockpot.  Directions are on the bag.  So easy a caveman could cook them up.   I made all 8 of these and then some!

{#4-Breathe…and Smile}

And when all this cutting and cooking along with back to school started to make me freak-I saw this on our deck outside the door…

2013-08-18 16.05.57

{#5-and I remembered…}



Screen shot 2013-08-23 at 7.53.22 AM

Happy Weekend!

{Friday Fab 5}

With summer started I have a few extra hours each day now that I work shorter shifts at night rather than teaching and commuting all day. What does a girl do with her free time while her hubby is teaching summer school-so far more cooking, cleaning, running, and more cooking. With so much fresh produce we bought last Sunday I want none of it to go to waste.

{#1-Homeade Ceasar Dressing}
I made my own version following this recipe. Yes, I grilled the French bread and the lettuce. Ry thought I ruined the grill by putting lettuce on it. I told him the grill would be just fine. It was awesome because I left out the anchovies and we used grilled chicken for protein instead.

{#2-Pinto Bean Salsa}
I already blogged about this, but it really is so amazing it deserves a second mention. I used olive oil instead of veggie oil and used half the sugar in the recipe and it was still one of the best things I’ve ever eaten. Make some now! You will be so glad you did.

{#3-Summer Runnin’}
Summer runnin’ had me a blast. Summer runnin’ happened so fast…and now that song is in your head! Over the past week I ran 40 miles and have been embracing summer heat- a feat unheard of in my house before. I’ve been running late morning to noon when the sun is high in the sky. It has been rough at times, but I haven’t quit like summers past. Maybe it is because summer runnin’ had me a blast or the fact that I have an important race in September?

{#4-Honey Lime Fruit Salad}
Of course more food! Now don’t get me wrong fruit salad rocks all on its own, but if you want to step it up and take it to the next level, then this is where it’s at. The added lime zest and honey (I used half the amount) really add something to regular fruit salad. I added blueberries because something just didn’t look right and a squeeze (okay like 4) of fresh lime juice. All I can say is awesome! It is what I thought about at the end of my hot runs!

{#5-Good Guide}
I came across this website when reading about Johnson and Johnson having formaldehyde in their no more tears wash. This site is AMAZING. Search for products you and your family use everyday to find out how they rank in terms of health, environment, and the companies social issues/treatment of others. You can look up anything; from toothpaste to sunscreen, to pet food to baby food, and electronics to cars, you can become more aware of how that product stacks up against others in order to make smart and healthy choices for you and your family. I learned so much after spending just a little bit of time on this site. Go ahead and make your own lists and save them. You’ll love this site- www.goodguide.com
2013-06-14 01.47.03

Happy Weekend!

{Monday Motivation}


So, I don’t know many people who don’t like bacon. That’s the reason you can get bacon inspired almost anything these days. From candles to vodka, bacon is everywhere. Now this post isn’t about bacon rather the idea of working out in order to eat whatever food it is you love. Awww…sad i know! One of the reasons I love running is you can enjoy those foods you love without going up a pant size the next day. I’ve NEVER been one to black list foods or not allow myself to eat the things I really enjoy, however there are too many times when one treat becomes two or three.

Lately as life got busy and stressful I found it hard to eat well. And now I can FEEL it in everything I do. I feel tired, I feel weak, and I feel lazy. My runs feel like crap. My face looks like I should have just turned 13. Today’s motivation is really about the balance between what we eat and how we feel.

Since we really are what we eat, yesterday we went grocery shopping to bring back the healthy foods we like and need to eat. I Pinterested my way through a bunch of new recipes which I’ll share the best ones. Getting organized is what I find to be the key to eating healthy and living a fast paced life.

Step 1-Plan meals out and make lists of what you need to buy. Next to produce rank food with a 1-4. Ones are foods that spoil in one week, twos spoil in two weeks or less, etc. I got this idea from this blog where you can read more about how she sticks to a budget while buying healthy food.
Step 2-Eat before you go to the grocery store. Empty stomachs do not equal good food choices or friendly wives. 😉
Step 3-Buy groceries.
Step 4-Unpack groceries and cut up produce. Yes this takes time, 1.5 hours for me last night, but you are much more likely to snack healthy and prepare meals at home when busy if you’ve taken a bit of time to do this in advance.
Step 5-Put food in refrigerator based on the number you gave it. Shelf 1=eat during week 1.

These steps make healthy eating more convenient and you won’t waste any of the precious produce you bought. This week commit to eating well and making healthy food choices. Make your choices livable, ones you can continue with for life. Sure you can still have your bacon…or whatever your favorite food, but remember to balance it out with some good for you stuff too. Your mind and body will thank you!


Happy Monday!

{Friday Fab 5}

To recap running, all the photos I like to take, and all the in betweens-I’m starting the Friday Fab 5. The fab 5 will review the past week and share new recipes, ideas (running and not), and anything else on my mind or phone!

{#1} We are starting a quest to eat clean 85% of the time. By clean I mean unprocessed, fresh, and organic when possible. I tried three new recipes this week to go along with our new eats plan. They are in order of our favorites!

We used homemade jam that Ryan's grandma had made as our "sauce."

We used homemade jam that Ryan’s grandma had made as our “sauce.”


Our least favorite.  I need to work on adding some more flavor to the quinao.

Our least favorite. I need to work on adding some more flavor to the quinoa.


{#2} Comic Life
At tech camp for school two Saturdays ago, I learned about a cool app called Comic Life. I finally finished a personal comic about the Mercedes Marathon. I love this app and plan to use it in my classroom, and have some fun at home with it, too! The app is $4.99, but has so many cool layouts and fun uses.


{#3} Embracing winter weather for another week

Thank goodness I have some great running jackets to keep me comfy and motivated on my cold runs!

Thank goodness I have some great running jackets to keep me comfy and motivated on my cold runs!

{#4} Registered for the Trailbreaker Half Marathon on April 6th

This means it is back to a training plan again!

This means it is back to a training plan again!

{#5} Finished week six of spinning in the mornings…and I finally don’t hate it! I, dare I say, actually enjoyed it the last two times. I do not enjoy the 4:57 a.m. wake up call with my spinning buddy picking me up at 5:15. I have definitely learned the need for workout partners. I would so easily reset the alarm if I didn’t have someone to hold me accountable.

Spinning class punch card!  10 spins for $20 and how can you not go?

Spinning class punch card! 10 spins for $20 and how can you not go?

Have a great weekend!