{Friday Fab 5}

This week was one of those weird weeks where it feels like I can’t believe today is Friday and TGIF.
{#1-I heart pumpkin anything…especially pumpkin dip}

I ate mine with apples and it was the perfect fall snack! Warning: this recipe makes a lot. I’d recommend cutting it in half if you don’t want a huge bowl!

{#2-Wine & Memories}

Ryan and I cracked a bottle of wine last weekend and added our cork to our vase with corks inside. Per a Pinterest idea I found a while back, we’ve started dating and writing what we were doing when drinking the wine on the cork. It is a fun way to look back at all the little celebrations we’ve had. The wine was purchased while in Texas Hill Country while on vacation this past summer. Another tradition we’ve started is buying local wines while visiting places and saving them for future dates to reminisce and enjoy the places we visited.

{#3-Getting back in the groove…the running groove}

They say it takes 21 days to make a habit and I’d agree most of the time. Lately I’ve only been running with the cross country kids and not so much on my own. While it saves time, I don’t get that I’m a runner and I loved that run feeling, so this week I started my mission of getting in some quality runs solo after practice. I managed a blissful, geeked out smile 8 miler and a recovery 4 miler in addition to practice runs. This week was about falling in love with running all over again runs. More on those later!

{#4-Chicken Quinoa Chili}

This was one of my freezer meals I wrote about in August and let’s just say…AMAZING!

{#5-Fall Runs}

I’ve made it a goal to really enjoy fall outdoors (and not just by running) since it is my favorite way to experience the season. What are your fall goals?

Oh, and it’s not too late to sign up for the Glow in the Deke 5k this Saturday. It is a great family event and you can read more about it here.
Happy Weekend! 😉

2 thoughts on “{Friday Fab 5}

  1. Love the idea of the corks. I wish my husband and I drank more wine because I would so do that! However, I do have the cork from a bottle of champagne we saved from one of our anniversary get-aways!
    Have you ever seen the cork cages? It’s also a fun way to save your corks 🙂

    One of my fall goals is to do day trips to local towns in our area and explore their beauty. My stepmom was telling me that there are waterfalls in a local town and that no one really knows about it….I’m hoping I see them before the snow starts flying!

    • I haven’t seen the cork cages, but I will have to investigate that idea! Definitely get out and explore the beauty in your area. On days when I don’t feel like running or need to clear my head in a different way, hikes are the best! I made a goal to hike somewhere new every weekend this fall. Winter is long and I want to take full advantage of the outdoors before the snow covers the trails!

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