{Friday Fab 5-Punch Fear in the Face, Bear Trax 20k, Oiselle, Lululemon,…}

{#1-Oiselle Distance Short}
Now that the weather is getting nicer outside my legs are loving the freeing feeling on runs. I’m also loving the Distance Shorts from Oiselle. The fit is comfortable, loose, but flattering and they come with three (3!!) pockets which are handy for storing needed items on the run. The back pocket is great for a phone, GU’s or identification/credit card. The side pocket is great for GU’s or keys as is the inside pocket. These shorts come in several colors and sizes and are only 39 bucks. I bought the pink color a few months ago and added the red to the rotation in the last week. I’m sure more will be in my future. If you don’t love the fit of Nike Tempo shorts like me, then definitely consider these shorts instead. I feel less restricted in these and I wear a small. Right now you can purchase the pink for $29 on clearance (only size small is left-sorry!).

{#2-Lululemon Scuba Hoodie ii}
While I’m talking gear I’m loving these days, I have to tell you how much I love the Scuba Hoodie I recently purchased. I’ve eyed this baby up for over a year watching different colors and prints come and go. The cost seemed too steep for a hoodie, but I kept coming back to its cute, flattering look and wanted another sweatshirt/jacket to take on our vacation this summer for cool mornings/nights. I finally decided to go for it AND I love this thing. Seriously! I’ve worn it after work EVERY night this week and I’m not a change-into-comfy-clothes person. It is fleecy soft on the inside, comfortable fit, flattering, and more stylish than most hoodies. If you want a wear anywhere hoodie and can part with the dollars, this is really worth the investment.

{#3-Sierra Nevada Summerfest}
Remember that list of 30 things to do/complete before and during my 30th year? Well I haven’t forgotten about it at all. I’m consistently working on drinking my 30 new to me beers (rough job ūüôā Sierra Nevada Summerfest was the new choice for this week. Summer beers are one of my favorites and this one will now be added to the rotation.

{#4-Bear Trax 20k}
Screenshot 2014-04-24 22.17.46
My first race of 2014 is this Sunday. I can’t believe the year is nearly 1/3 of the way over and I haven’t run a race…time to take care of that! It is a trail race on some hilly and single track trail so I am not going to lie-I’m nervous. After spraining my ankle during the Dances with Dirt Half Marathon nine months ago, I’m a bit freaked. My ankle is not 100% and I’m not sure if it ever will be. It has improved immensely, but this weekend I face my fears and hope it will end in a better way.

{#5-Punch Fear In the Face}
Screenshot 2014-04-24 22.27.20
And so this weekend, I will punch fear in the face! I will go after the goals and hopes I have. Lately, I just can’t get the lyrics from Ben Howard’s song The Fear out of my head “I’ve been worryin’ that we all, live our lives, in the confines of fear.” I tend to agree that we all live in fear of this or that or whatever. So this weekend I won’t. I’m going to not be afraid! Let’s not live our lives in the confines of fear. Set that goal. Run that race. Go after that bucket list item. This might also mostly have to do with the fact I’m scheduled (and already paid for) to jump out of an airplane tomorrow provided the weather cooperates.

Happy Weekend! Punch fear in the face!

{Friday Fab 5-BKT Pizza, Trail Runs, PR’s, Tattoos, and…}

Spring weather was here all week…and it was amazing. ¬†My love for running came back stronger, I felt happier, and I had a greater desire to eat healthier foods.

{#1-BBQ BKT Pizza}


I made this pizza Sunday night and it was amazing AND easy, too.  Make your own dough.  While it is rising cut your tomatoes and kale, cook the bacon, and get your BBQ sauce and cheese ready.  Roll out the dough, put BBQ on top, then kale, tomatoes, and bacon, before finally adding cheese to your liking.  So yummy and kale is way healthier than lettuce.

{#2-PR in 10k, but does it count?}


I’ve never tried to run a PR in a 5k or 10k race. ¬†I’ve only trained for a PR in a half marathon once. ¬†Having only ran two 10k races I got to thinking, do PR’s on training runs count. ¬†Wednesday I ran a little over seven miles, and my 10k time was the fastest 10k I’ve ran (and that my watched noticed). ¬†I may have ran this fast or faster before and not thought about it or noticed it. ¬†My new Garmin let me know it was my fastest 10k afterall. ¬†The time wasn’t part of a race though so does it count? ¬†What are your thoughts?

{#3-Trail Runs}

20140410-212619.jpg¬†Here is a glimpse at this week’s Wisconsin Marathon Training post. ¬†It involved some great trail running!

{#4-Running Tattoo}



Many people who know me or have read about my 30 things during 30 know I have wanted a running related tattoo for a long time. ¬†I want it to be beautiful, timeless, and represent what I love. ¬†I want it to happen sooner rather than later, but I’m feeling kind of stuck. ¬†Above are some locations and designs I like, but I feel like I can’t decide/commit to one. ¬†Have any of you seen a cool running tattoo you’d recommend. ¬†Anyone have a tattoo you love, hate, ¬†or regret?

{#5-Running Magazines}

I love reading running magazines for the motivational stories, gear suggestions, and beautiful places to run. ¬†I feel like I learn something new about running each month I read an issue. ¬†I now subscribe to Runner’s World (for all types of runners-still my favorite), Women’s Running (light reading geared at women), Running Times (in depth for the serious runner), and Trail Runner (for the trail runner or ultra runner). ¬†Each offers a slightly different take on running and brings different perspectives and focus to the same sport. ¬†Anyone have a different running/fitness magazine they suggest?

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Happy Weekend!   Mine will involve lots of s(miles)!


{Friday Fab 5-Juicing, Bear Trax 20k, Go Badgers, Oiselle, Trampled by Turtles}

Another crazy week, another day closer to spring weather. ¬†Or so we better be! Those of you living in the midwest and northeast I know you know exactly what I’m talking about.

{#1-Bear Trax 20k}
Screenshot 2014-03-27 20.19.04
Even though I’ve been resting my foot for this past week I desperately felt the need to get a race on the calendar this spring. ¬†Last year at this point in the year I had already ran two marathons, a half marathon, and was about to run a couple more half marathons. ¬†This year I had a much more consistent training throughout the winter, but have had the nagging foot issue and have ran no races yet. ¬†I guess the positive is I bought more shoes that are flat. ¬†ūüôā Shoes make things better! ¬†Since I will be running my first 50k in early summer, I wanted to make sure I have several trail races on my training calendar. ¬†This will be the first one! Oh, and I’m scheduled to go skydiving the day before. AHHH…so excited!

I have been busy eating Easter candy in place of fruits and vegetable this week, so I had an overwhelming craving for fruits and veggies later in the week. ¬†Juicing is a great way to get a fast dose of lots of the good stuff. ¬†The recipes in this book are great, and I felt better immediately after…almost as if I had eaten a few less chocolate eggs. ¬†And we had been doing so well with keeping candy out of the house.

{#3-Trampled by Turtles…I know again}
Last Friday we went to our first Trampled by Turtles concert. ¬†Now I know I posted about this band last week, but they blew my mind. ¬†This is a band who is great on a recording, but phenomenal live. ¬†Ryan couldn’t believe how great they were live, too. ¬†Check them out!

Through other bloggers I was introduced to this brand. ¬†I love the brands spirit, message and their running gear. ¬†This postcard came with an order from earlier this winter and its message (head up, wings out) has been following me around in my work planner. ¬†This year has been filled with so many new opportunities, challenges, and rewards. ¬†I’ve been carrying the postcard around to remind myself to keep my head up through the rough parts and keep my wings out to embrace the opportunities. ¬†I need the reminder sometimes (ok, who am I kidding…very often. I might as well tape the damn postcard to my shirt!) that even though new things can be scary and challenging, they can be so rewarding afterwards. ¬†BUT in order to get to the rewards, we have to have our wings out and head up and accept the challenges, not shy away. ¬†Being comfortable doesn’t usually take you as far as you could go with those wings! Trust me! Get those wings out.

{#5-Go Badgers}
Screenshot 2014-03-27 22.04.31
Love my Badgers! Elite Eight baby! After last nights win we are moving on for the first time since 2005. Oh, and all my final four teams are still in the running! I probably just jinxed myself, but I’m excited (and Ryan only has two left). Go BuckY!

Happy Weekend!

I do plan to do some running this weekend…especially in the 60 degree weather on Sunday.

{Wisconsin Marathon Training-Week 6}

Screenshot 2014-02-09 22.52.42
This week was a down week in our training plan. It was nice to have some lower mile runs this week as we both were pretty busy outside the running world. As you will see below, we only ran two of our runs together this week as our schedules didn’t really allow for us to log any other miles together.

Monday-3 miles (Ryan)

Tuesday-3 miles both of us

Wednesday-5 miles (Sarah)

5 miles fueled by Picky Bars. You know it has been a cold winter when the temperature above feels normal and not cold.

Friday-6 miles (Ryan on treadmill)

Saturday-8.5 mile trail run (Sarah)
I’ll warn you in advance that I took a gazillion pictures on this run. I knew I had no pictures from earlier this week, the run was amazingly beautiful, and Ryan HATES when we stop for 30 seconds to take a picture and start running again. It makes him instantly grouchy, so I try my best to avoid the start and stops when running with him.

My decision to drive 35+ minutes to get my run in was based on having other errands to run, and the fact that I am bored to death of running the same freakin’ routes in the city I live. Seriously, bored out of my mind. So I grabbed a Bearded Brothers for some pre-run fuel, my shopping list for post-run, and jumped in the car to run somewhere different. I secretly hoped my favorite trail would be runable. And, yes, runable is a word!
This run was also my favorite run of the winter so far. ¬†I soaked up the vitamin D and was high on endorphins for the entire run. ¬†I also was pleasantly surprised to find my favorite trail to run on in the summer was perfectly groomed by this winter’s snowshoers and skiers. ¬†I was beyond pumped to find the trail in excellent condition. ¬†I welcomed the new terrain and scenery with smiles and a happy heart. ¬†The 8.5 miles below passed by faster than most miles I can remember. ¬†I love runs where you get so taken away by the scenery, your music, and/or, the weather that the miles fly by. ¬†Saturday was just one of those runs that makes you fall repeatedly in love with running. ¬†Just you, nature, the crunch of your feet on snow, and the sunshine. ¬†Perfect!





My favorite tree in winter (left), sunshine on snow, and my shadow.




When I got to the part of the trail that goes under the highway, I couldn’t figure out at first why I had to nearly duck in the tunnel. Upon exiting the other side I realized there was some two feet of frozen material making the tunnel seem shorter. Proof is in the photos. It was neat.

As much as I enjoy training with my husband, running alone is still time very much cherished by me. I’d be lying if I said that I don’t miss my alone miles at times. I don’t seem to forget about miles, my troubles, or my to do list when running with the husband versus running alone. The mental fix isn’t the same. Some days though I know that without him training with me, I’d be tempted to skip a run here or there. This run was the break I needed to feel good about training and the many miles we have ahead of us in the coming weeks.



Post-trail run my jacket and hair were partially frozen. After all that sun and endorphins though I just didn’t care.

Sunday-Yoga Class and 5 mile trail run (both of us)

We ended up staying with friends in the city where I love to run trails is, and we all got up and went to a delicious breakfast in the a.m. ¬†I had one of the best veggie omelets EVER. ¬†Then it was onto yoga which was the perfect way to stretch out our tight runner muscles, reflect on the past week, and relax the mind. ¬†After yoga we hit up a nearby coffee joint, Moka, that we hadn’t been inside (I had never been to). ¬†Their decor was modern and fun, the coffee delicious, and the company…well, amazing.



Then it was time for some guy time and girl time. The guys headed to some hunting, boating, RV show and the girls caught up on some qualify TV, Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Finally, it was time for us to get in some more miles, and I suggested the gorgeous trail I ran yesterday. Since my Garmin’s battery had died, I guesstimated the miles to be around 5 based on the day before’s run. The husband enjoyed the change in scenery on our run, too.


Ryan’s Tip of the Week-Stretching is important to feeling good when running. Even though it can be easy to skip (Sarah and I do this all the time), the end result is a happier and healthier runner. Yoga is a great way for runners to stretch and strengthen their muscles and yes, even for guys.

Sarah’s Tip of the Week-Vary your runs even when training with other people. Some people prefer to be on their own for most of their runs. Other runners thrive on the company of others. No matter what your preferred training method is be sure to add in variety by running alone and with others. The balance you get from doing both is rewarding and rejuvenating. Seek out other runners who you work with, running clubs, and fitness groups to meet other active individuals.

Total Miles-
Ryan-17 miles
Sarah-21.5 miles

{Friday Fab 5}

{#1-Beach to Bay Relay-Corpus Christi}
Ryan and I ran along Ocean Drive for several of our vacation runs. It is a scenic place to run and covers part of the Beach to Bay relay course-the biggest relay in the US. I just learned about this relay from my dad and stepmom (who hands out water at one of the water stops). The relay is held annually in May on Armed Forces weekend to honor those who serve. This May will be the 39th running of the relay with 16,000 runners making up 2,600 teams. Teams run from, you guessed it, the beach to the bay! It sound like crazy fun to me! Check out Beach to Bay Relay for more info!
2013-07-11 16.54.05
{#2-Running New Orleans}
While Ryan and I were stumbling walking out of the bars on Bourbon street we saw this lady. I suppose this would be a scenic route to run, but I’d recommend hitting the trails that line the Mississippi and Jackson square for a more relaxing environment without the crazies and the occasional smell of urine.
2013-07-11 16.51.39
{#3-Moving in Memphis}
This time I’m not talking about running. We skipped running in Memphis, gasp, for a good reason. We were limited on time and I really wanted to visit the National Civil Rights Museum. We were so glad we did! It was way more than I expected. The museum takes you through a short timeline of civil rights before leading you through an in depth timeline of Martin Luther King Jr.’s events in the months, days, and minutes leading up to his death parallel to James Earl Ray and the federal government.

The museum is housed in the very building from which Ray shot Dr. King. You stand in the spot where Ray stood when he fired the fatal shot. Next you walk through an in depth timeline of the 65 day search for who killed Dr. King and see actual evidence collected during the investigation. Then you read through information from three later investigations brought by King’s family and others into whether Ray really was the guilty person. A walk through the last 45 years in civil right progress leads you to the outside of the Loretta Motel where King was shot outside room 608. You walk on the balcony, see Dr. King’s room as it was that day, and stand in the very spot where his life was taken! I usually get into history, but this was so much more. I was overtook by emotion standing in the VERY spot this amazing leader stood when he was fatally shot.

The experience was way more important than a run that morning. The only message more powerful than the history itself was the importance the museum put on educating young people of the cultures and people in the world around them. Yeah, for this museum. If you are ever in Memphis plan to visit for 3-4 hours!
2013-07-11 16.55.54
{#4-Running St. Louis}
Thursday we started our last day on vacation with a run around the arch. The shade and scenery were great. The stair workout was a plus!
2013-07-11 13.14.33
{#5-Dances With Dirt}
On Saturday Ryan and I are off to run our first true trail race-the Dances with Dirt Half Marathon. No bike paths, not a couple miles off the beaten path; we are talking all off road and hills. The drop in temperature from vacation should make this a race way more tolerable than any runs we’ve had recently. So looking forward to not being drenched with sweat until a few miles in. Full race report to come after!
Happy Weekend!