{Friday Fab 5-Punch Fear in the Face, Bear Trax 20k, Oiselle, Lululemon,…}

{#1-Oiselle Distance Short}
Now that the weather is getting nicer outside my legs are loving the freeing feeling on runs. I’m also loving the Distance Shorts from Oiselle. The fit is comfortable, loose, but flattering and they come with three (3!!) pockets which are handy for storing needed items on the run. The back pocket is great for a phone, GU’s or identification/credit card. The side pocket is great for GU’s or keys as is the inside pocket. These shorts come in several colors and sizes and are only 39 bucks. I bought the pink color a few months ago and added the red to the rotation in the last week. I’m sure more will be in my future. If you don’t love the fit of Nike Tempo shorts like me, then definitely consider these shorts instead. I feel less restricted in these and I wear a small. Right now you can purchase the pink for $29 on clearance (only size small is left-sorry!).

{#2-Lululemon Scuba Hoodie ii}
While I’m talking gear I’m loving these days, I have to tell you how much I love the Scuba Hoodie I recently purchased. I’ve eyed this baby up for over a year watching different colors and prints come and go. The cost seemed too steep for a hoodie, but I kept coming back to its cute, flattering look and wanted another sweatshirt/jacket to take on our vacation this summer for cool mornings/nights. I finally decided to go for it AND I love this thing. Seriously! I’ve worn it after work EVERY night this week and I’m not a change-into-comfy-clothes person. It is fleecy soft on the inside, comfortable fit, flattering, and more stylish than most hoodies. If you want a wear anywhere hoodie and can part with the dollars, this is really worth the investment.

{#3-Sierra Nevada Summerfest}
Remember that list of 30 things to do/complete before and during my 30th year? Well I haven’t forgotten about it at all. I’m consistently working on drinking my 30 new to me beers (rough job 🙂 Sierra Nevada Summerfest was the new choice for this week. Summer beers are one of my favorites and this one will now be added to the rotation.

{#4-Bear Trax 20k}
Screenshot 2014-04-24 22.17.46
My first race of 2014 is this Sunday. I can’t believe the year is nearly 1/3 of the way over and I haven’t run a race…time to take care of that! It is a trail race on some hilly and single track trail so I am not going to lie-I’m nervous. After spraining my ankle during the Dances with Dirt Half Marathon nine months ago, I’m a bit freaked. My ankle is not 100% and I’m not sure if it ever will be. It has improved immensely, but this weekend I face my fears and hope it will end in a better way.

{#5-Punch Fear In the Face}
Screenshot 2014-04-24 22.27.20
And so this weekend, I will punch fear in the face! I will go after the goals and hopes I have. Lately, I just can’t get the lyrics from Ben Howard’s song The Fear out of my head “I’ve been worryin’ that we all, live our lives, in the confines of fear.” I tend to agree that we all live in fear of this or that or whatever. So this weekend I won’t. I’m going to not be afraid! Let’s not live our lives in the confines of fear. Set that goal. Run that race. Go after that bucket list item. This might also mostly have to do with the fact I’m scheduled (and already paid for) to jump out of an airplane tomorrow provided the weather cooperates.

Happy Weekend! Punch fear in the face!

4 thoughts on “{Friday Fab 5-Punch Fear in the Face, Bear Trax 20k, Oiselle, Lululemon,…}

  1. Those shorts definitely look comfy. I’m not a Nike running shorts fan… I’m a Nike everything else fan though. I purposely avoid lululemon like it’s the plague. I just don’t have the money. I buy all of my gear at places like TJMaxx… but man that hoodie is uber cute! I completely understand how you are nervous about that trail race, but you will rock it if you have fun with it. 🙂 I nominated you for a Liebster award. I truly enjoy your personality which carries over so well to your posts.

    • Thanks for the nomination and mention. Sometimes I feel like I just blab on and on in my posts. I wish we had a nice TJ Maxx near where I live. The nearest TJ Maxx rarely has much for workout clothes. I do my best to avoid Lulu too as it is so expensive. I love Nike tops, but the bottoms just don’t work for me. Luckily mixing and matching brands usually work well. I love reading about your adventures with yoga and crossfit. I would love to get more into crossfit. How did you get started?

      • I used to hate mixing and matching brands. Now I’m a brand whore. I honestly got started in a normal gym with 2 friends of mine. One of them was essentially a coach (he even now has his level 1 cert and is coaching crossfit) and the other was just an overly enthusiastic friend (that was also exponentially stronger than me but had such faith in my abilities it was hard to say no)… It is very important to do it with someone that knows what they are doing. On Saturday’s most boxes have a 9am (ish) WOD that is free to the public. I recommend testing out local boxes with that to see what their coaching staff is like and what their community is like. You could try out different ones that way and show up a couple of different days as you try to decide. 🙂

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