{Friday Fab 5-Juicing, Bear Trax 20k, Go Badgers, Oiselle, Trampled by Turtles}

Another crazy week, another day closer to spring weather.  Or so we better be! Those of you living in the midwest and northeast I know you know exactly what I’m talking about.

{#1-Bear Trax 20k}
Screenshot 2014-03-27 20.19.04
Even though I’ve been resting my foot for this past week I desperately felt the need to get a race on the calendar this spring.  Last year at this point in the year I had already ran two marathons, a half marathon, and was about to run a couple more half marathons.  This year I had a much more consistent training throughout the winter, but have had the nagging foot issue and have ran no races yet.  I guess the positive is I bought more shoes that are flat.  🙂 Shoes make things better!  Since I will be running my first 50k in early summer, I wanted to make sure I have several trail races on my training calendar.  This will be the first one! Oh, and I’m scheduled to go skydiving the day before. AHHH…so excited!

I have been busy eating Easter candy in place of fruits and vegetable this week, so I had an overwhelming craving for fruits and veggies later in the week.  Juicing is a great way to get a fast dose of lots of the good stuff.  The recipes in this book are great, and I felt better immediately after…almost as if I had eaten a few less chocolate eggs.  And we had been doing so well with keeping candy out of the house.

{#3-Trampled by Turtles…I know again}
Last Friday we went to our first Trampled by Turtles concert.  Now I know I posted about this band last week, but they blew my mind.  This is a band who is great on a recording, but phenomenal live.  Ryan couldn’t believe how great they were live, too.  Check them out!

Through other bloggers I was introduced to this brand.  I love the brands spirit, message and their running gear.  This postcard came with an order from earlier this winter and its message (head up, wings out) has been following me around in my work planner.  This year has been filled with so many new opportunities, challenges, and rewards.  I’ve been carrying the postcard around to remind myself to keep my head up through the rough parts and keep my wings out to embrace the opportunities.  I need the reminder sometimes (ok, who am I kidding…very often. I might as well tape the damn postcard to my shirt!) that even though new things can be scary and challenging, they can be so rewarding afterwards.  BUT in order to get to the rewards, we have to have our wings out and head up and accept the challenges, not shy away.  Being comfortable doesn’t usually take you as far as you could go with those wings! Trust me! Get those wings out.

{#5-Go Badgers}
Screenshot 2014-03-27 22.04.31
Love my Badgers! Elite Eight baby! After last nights win we are moving on for the first time since 2005. Oh, and all my final four teams are still in the running! I probably just jinxed myself, but I’m excited (and Ryan only has two left). Go BuckY!

Happy Weekend!

I do plan to do some running this weekend…especially in the 60 degree weather on Sunday.

{Friday Fab 5…March Madness, Spirit of the Marathon II, Trampled by Turtles, Bloody Mary…}

{#1-Unspool the Tangles}
Screenshot 2014-03-20 19.08.37
Hearing another blogger mention how she might enjoy some alone time reminded me of how much I love running alone to unspool the tangles. I like training with Ryan, but I do miss my alone time on my runs when I was running just for me. I don’t feel like the tangles get unspooled as much when I’m running with someone. Anyone else feel this way?

{#2-Bloody Mary}

We enjoyed a Bloody Mary with a green beer chaser on Saturday. Oh, how I love a good, spicy Bloody!

{#3-Spirit of the Marathon II}
When I first heard Spirit of the Marathon II was coming out I might have peed a little I was so excited. I loved, LOVED the first one and still rewatch it anytime I want to be inspired and humbled by the sport I love again. While I’m super excited to watch it there is no way that is happening in the next week because…

{#4-March Madness is here!}

Once again Ry and I have a bracket contest going. I have won the last couple of years and am looking to keep the streak going. The mind blowing weird part this year: without even seeing each others brackets or hearing about what either had chosen, we’ve chosen the same two teams to make it to the final championship round. We each picked a different team to win it all. Could be interesting this year!

{#5-Trampled by Turtles}
Screenshot 2014-03-20 19.41.03
I was recently introduced to this band by a coworker and his wife and all I can say is WOW. I love them. I’ve basically been listening to them on repeat for a month and a half. As luck would have it the sort-of-local, Duluth band is playing near us tonight. Can’t wait to hear them perform live tonight.
Check them out in the video below.

and one more of their songs I love (it’s a cell phone recording, but still good)…

{Friday Fab 5}

This week was super busy and crazy, so I will let the photos do the talking! Sorry no new recipes to share this Friday!

{#1} I love this time of year, spring weather or not, because of March Madness! My husband and I always wager a bet on our brackets against each other. Last year I won; this year we will see! Who do you have winning the championship this year?

Go Louisville!

Go Louisville!

{#2} I did catch a great sunset on my way home from a run this week. Who would have guessed it was 20 degrees with 20 mph winds making it feel like 7 degreees?

2013-03-19 19.09.49

Running around Lake Tomah.

{#3} I finally got caught up grading by staying late at school one night this week. Notebooks are graded! Don’t you love the feeling of being caught up at work! Amen!

Almost 120 science notebooks!

Almost 120 science notebooks!

{#4} I love trying new flavors of coffee from different coffee shops-especially on cold days! Mom and I grabbed coffee at Grounded on Main Street in La Crosse before watching the St. Patrick’s parade. Yum! Any places you’d recommend?
2013-03-17 21.40.56
{#5} I signed up for another spring half marathon in April. What races are you doing this spring?
2013-03-21 23.05.25

Enjoy your weekend!