{Friday Fab 5…March Madness, Spirit of the Marathon II, Trampled by Turtles, Bloody Mary…}

{#1-Unspool the Tangles}
Screenshot 2014-03-20 19.08.37
Hearing another blogger mention how she might enjoy some alone time reminded me of how much I love running alone to unspool the tangles. I like training with Ryan, but I do miss my alone time on my runs when I was running just for me. I don’t feel like the tangles get unspooled as much when I’m running with someone. Anyone else feel this way?

{#2-Bloody Mary}

We enjoyed a Bloody Mary with a green beer chaser on Saturday. Oh, how I love a good, spicy Bloody!

{#3-Spirit of the Marathon II}
When I first heard Spirit of the Marathon II was coming out I might have peed a little I was so excited. I loved, LOVED the first one and still rewatch it anytime I want to be inspired and humbled by the sport I love again. While I’m super excited to watch it there is no way that is happening in the next week because…

{#4-March Madness is here!}

Once again Ry and I have a bracket contest going. I have won the last couple of years and am looking to keep the streak going. The mind blowing weird part this year: without even seeing each others brackets or hearing about what either had chosen, we’ve chosen the same two teams to make it to the final championship round. We each picked a different team to win it all. Could be interesting this year!

{#5-Trampled by Turtles}
Screenshot 2014-03-20 19.41.03
I was recently introduced to this band by a coworker and his wife and all I can say is WOW. I love them. I’ve basically been listening to them on repeat for a month and a half. As luck would have it the sort-of-local, Duluth band is playing near us tonight. Can’t wait to hear them perform live tonight.
Check them out in the video below.

and one more of their songs I love (it’s a cell phone recording, but still good)…

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