{Vet Fest Half Marathon}

2013-04-13 10.47.32

I ran the Vet Fest Half Marathon in Reedsburg a couple of weekends ago. I originally signed up because several of my coworkers were going to be running. I wasn’t particularly excited for the race especially when I woke up to snow on the ground, temperatures in the twenties, and a sore left quadricep. The course ended up being beautiful and the wind and temperatures were actually not too bad once we got the race going. I even enjoyed the hills! I have always ran well on hills, but have never liked running them. The change up in terrain was great on the muscles-my quad never even bothered me.

Ryan drove us to the start and we made it in plenty of time. I grabbed my race packet, pinned my number, and sat in the car until it was time to line up for the race.

Trying to stay warm before the starting gun.  I'm closed eye in this photo, a trait that runs in my family!

Trying to stay warm before the starting gun. I’m closed eye in this photo, a trait that runs in my family!

It was great being able to sit in the car until a few minutes before the start. I stayed much warmer. Before I knew it we were off.

and were off!

and were off!

My purple Lululemon jacket was perfect for this race. I’m obsessed with running gear that allows you to transition from cold, to warm, to hot! I started with my hands covered and jacket zipped. As the race went on, I put hands through the thumb holes and unzipped the jacket collar. Later I had the sleeves up and the jacket half way unzipped. I stayed comfortable the entire time!
2013-04-13 11.42.24
Do any of you have workout gear you just LOVE and would recommend. Comment if you do! I’m always looking for new gear that combines comfort, fit, functionality, and cuteness.
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2013-04-13 11.44.50

The first mile was in town and took us out into the country. The course was a giant loop that headed out into the country and then back into town. The first miles were relatively flat and quick.

mile 1-8:31

mile 2-8:31

Around this point of the course some of the hills began. The hills were the largest I’ve ran in a race. Again, I was pleasantly surprised at how good they felt.
2013-04-13 08.57.52
mile 3-8:37

mile 4-8:32
2013-04-13 08.58.14

mile 5-8:29

mile 6-8:42

Childhood memories!

Childhood memories!

Around mile 5 or 6 I saw the remains of a barn on the side of the road. Growing up behind our backyard there was a similar sight. My sister and I used to play back there and imagine it was still there. We would pretend in the “rooms” and imagine our afternoons away. Seeing this on the course brought back a flood of childhood memories of playing with my sister. Sometimes we played nice singing loudly on our swing set. Other times we didn’t. Like the time our red wagon was jump rope tied to the back of my bike and she was sitting on something in the wagon. She said something that made me mad, so I purposely took the next corner way too fast and tight so she would go flying out of the wagon. Oh, sisterly love!

mile 7-8:19

mile 8-8:54

Small races and GU-very unexpected, but welcomed surprise.  I love me some GU!

Small races and GU-very unexpected, but welcomed surprise. I love me some GU!

mile 9-8:38

mile 10-8:21

Support miles out in the country!  Awesome!

Support miles out in the country! Awesome!

mile 11-8:21

mile 12-7:55

At mile 10 I realized I had a good chance of running in the late 1:40’s. I made that my mission over the last three miles.

mile 13-7:31

mile 13.1-7:04
2013-04-13 11.43.40

2013-04-13 11.45.342013-04-13 11.46.31

2013-04-13 11.47.07

Overall, I really enjoyed this course. I would do it again. Despite the hills it is a fast course and the price is great! Plus the race benefits veterans and the community. My time qualified me for 2nd in my age group. Coming off a half marathon the week before-I’ll take it!
2013-04-13 11.26.29

Reedsburg Vet Fest Half Marathon
Time: 1:49:58 (Garmin 1:49:44)
Pace: 8:24
Overall: 33/140
Age Group: 2/8
Gender: 11/75

{Friday Fab 5}

This week was super busy and crazy, so I will let the photos do the talking! Sorry no new recipes to share this Friday!

{#1} I love this time of year, spring weather or not, because of March Madness! My husband and I always wager a bet on our brackets against each other. Last year I won; this year we will see! Who do you have winning the championship this year?

Go Louisville!

Go Louisville!

{#2} I did catch a great sunset on my way home from a run this week. Who would have guessed it was 20 degrees with 20 mph winds making it feel like 7 degreees?

2013-03-19 19.09.49

Running around Lake Tomah.

{#3} I finally got caught up grading by staying late at school one night this week. Notebooks are graded! Don’t you love the feeling of being caught up at work! Amen!

Almost 120 science notebooks!

Almost 120 science notebooks!

{#4} I love trying new flavors of coffee from different coffee shops-especially on cold days! Mom and I grabbed coffee at Grounded on Main Street in La Crosse before watching the St. Patrick’s parade. Yum! Any places you’d recommend?
2013-03-17 21.40.56
{#5} I signed up for another spring half marathon in April. What races are you doing this spring?
2013-03-21 23.05.25

Enjoy your weekend!