{Friday Fab 5}

With summer started I have a few extra hours each day now that I work shorter shifts at night rather than teaching and commuting all day. What does a girl do with her free time while her hubby is teaching summer school-so far more cooking, cleaning, running, and more cooking. With so much fresh produce we bought last Sunday I want none of it to go to waste.

{#1-Homeade Ceasar Dressing}
I made my own version following this recipe. Yes, I grilled the French bread and the lettuce. Ry thought I ruined the grill by putting lettuce on it. I told him the grill would be just fine. It was awesome because I left out the anchovies and we used grilled chicken for protein instead.

{#2-Pinto Bean Salsa}
I already blogged about this, but it really is so amazing it deserves a second mention. I used olive oil instead of veggie oil and used half the sugar in the recipe and it was still one of the best things I’ve ever eaten. Make some now! You will be so glad you did.

{#3-Summer Runnin’}
Summer runnin’ had me a blast. Summer runnin’ happened so fast…and now that song is in your head! Over the past week I ran 40 miles and have been embracing summer heat- a feat unheard of in my house before. I’ve been running late morning to noon when the sun is high in the sky. It has been rough at times, but I haven’t quit like summers past. Maybe it is because summer runnin’ had me a blast or the fact that I have an important race in September?

{#4-Honey Lime Fruit Salad}
Of course more food! Now don’t get me wrong fruit salad rocks all on its own, but if you want to step it up and take it to the next level, then this is where it’s at. The added lime zest and honey (I used half the amount) really add something to regular fruit salad. I added blueberries because something just didn’t look right and a squeeze (okay like 4) of fresh lime juice. All I can say is awesome! It is what I thought about at the end of my hot runs!

{#5-Good Guide}
I came across this website when reading about Johnson and Johnson having formaldehyde in their no more tears wash. This site is AMAZING. Search for products you and your family use everyday to find out how they rank in terms of health, environment, and the companies social issues/treatment of others. You can look up anything; from toothpaste to sunscreen, to pet food to baby food, and electronics to cars, you can become more aware of how that product stacks up against others in order to make smart and healthy choices for you and your family. I learned so much after spending just a little bit of time on this site. Go ahead and make your own lists and save them. You’ll love this site- www.goodguide.com
2013-06-14 01.47.03

Happy Weekend!

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