{Pregnancy Update} Weeks 33, 34 and 35

We are down to only nine days until the official due date!  While this doesn’t mean a lot, I did have some time to catch up on my pregnancy journaling.  Below are weeks 33-35.  I’m working on the rest.  I miss blogging right now, but life has left little time for it so it will have to wait.

33 Weeks

34 Week Maternity Journal

35 Week Maternity Journal

Hope everything in life is going well with all of you.  My bloglovin’ feed let me know I’m 200 some posts behind on the blogs I read.  I look forward to catching up soon, but not as much as I’m looking forward to meeting this little man.  Perspective.  It is a great thing!


{Pregnancy Update} Week #32

I’m a couple of weeks behind in putting my journal together, but I’ve had week #32 done for some time.  I’m not sure when I will have time to put together the past two weeks so I’m sharing week #32 now.  With the gorgeous spring weather we will be having this week I hope everyone has time to get outdoors and enjoy some sunshine.  Tonight it was a quick walk before getting back to my to do list!

32 Weeks Maternity Journal-2

Happy Monday!


*I previously published this post as week 33. This shows how my brain is working these days-not at full speed.

{Pregnancy Update} Weeks 30 and 31

We are down to single digits!  So exciting and scary at the same time.  It sort of reminds me of those nervous taper feelings you get before a big race.  All the questioning you do about being prepared and ready to go for the big day.  All the unknowns of how the day will go.  I’m sure the “taper madness” will only get stronger as the weeks go on.  We are on week 32, but here’s a look at weeks 30 and 31.

30 Weeks Maternity Journal

31 Weeks Maternity Journal-white

Busy working on week 32!  Make the most of your Sunday!


{29 Weeks}

This update is actually only a few days late. Crazy considering how fast paced life is right now. Sometimes this faster pace makes productivity increase, but just as in running we eventually all need rest breaks to be our best in life, too. I’m looking forward to one on Sunday. Until then, it’s unrelenting forward progress.
29 Weeks-Maternity Journal
Have a great week everyone!


{Pregnancy Journal-Update 1}

Since this used to be a blog about running and a side of my life, I’ve decided to share my weekly photos and maternity journaling that I’ve been doing since week 9.  I’ve posted some weekly chalkboard photos to Instagram, but these are more personal.  I was really unsure about doing this.  How much do you keep private?  How much is too much to share?  How much do you protect your child’s privacy?  What am I willing to put out there?  What if something happens?  Being open and exposing emotions is not easy for me at times, but I’m growing and learning.  Aren’t we all still evolving versions of ourselves?

Then I realized that family and friends who want to stay updated could.  Plus, I love reading these types of things from others.  Those not interested can simply mark this post as read.  The original idea for this came a few years ago when a high school classmate of my husband’s did this photo journal during her pregnancy.  The difference is she is a renowned and seriously amazing photographer.  I’m an amateur without Photoshop trying to do my best with a basic DSLR camera.  I want to give credit to her for the original idea that was so creative and so her.  Check out her work at Lexia Frank Photography.  And trust me, I’m not kidding about her photography.  Her film photography is both stunning and breathtaking. She has been published in magazines and has traveled the world taking photographs.

Some weeks are missing in the photo journaling  Life got busy.  I felt tired.  I felt sick.  I felt like I wanted to do nothing, but lay on the couch.  So goes the first trimester.  Now that the fog has lifted (mostly), I’m embracing these changes in my life-including less running.  While my weekly mileage is not what it used to be I’m thankful for each run and each week.  Soon enough my life will be turned upside down.  I’m sure running and miles will be there for me just like they always have-even if perhaps in a different way.  I hope to look back at these weekly photos and remember this sweet, changing, challenging and unpredictable time of my life. Enjoy the journey with me if you like.

9 Weeks

Week 10

Week 11-Maternity

Maternity 15 weeks

Week 17

Week 18

Week 19

20 Weeks

21 Weeks

Next time I won’t wait so long to post, but I’m not promising anything each week.

Happy Weekend!