{Spring races are coming…}

2013-02-28 21.39.43

Just signed up for the newly named Grandad Half Marathon! Registration prices for the events go up tonight at 12:00 a.m., so register now.

This race is nostalgic for me for two reason. One, this was my first half marathon EVER! I can still remember the beautiful route from Trempealeau to Onalaska along with all the emotions of my first long distance race. Two, the race takes place in a city filled with so many memories. I spent my college years (all five of them, well, I guess you could say eight of them if you count my master’s) falling in love with my husband, building friendships old and new, traveling 3rd street (bars), and running its trails. I suppose I did some studying while there, too.

I’ve done this race every year in some format since 2008. I’ve ran the half marathon numerous times and done the marathon relay with my husband. What can I say, I love running and I love La Crosse! You might say the company in La Crosse isn’t too bad either. Here’s to nostalgia!

Just the beginning...September 2002

Just the beginning…my future husband and I-September 2002

Sadly, I wish I had a few friend photos to post from the early days, but alas those photo albums are put away. I mean there wasn’t Facebook back then folks.

Alabama-State #12 post to come soon!

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