{Motivation Monday}

The above sums up my week last week. I literally didn’t make it out the door a few times. So this Monday I think I need to actually take my own motivation advice. I don’t know what happened last week. I had the best of intentions all week, but I just had so much to do despite not having school. I had some major setbacks in the eating clean and running departments. Lets just say (after a half dozen Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs, 2 and a half bags of jelly beans, an entire bag of white chocolate M & M’s, pizza multiple days, eating out one night, only running 25 of the 35 miles I was supposed to while also skipping spinning because who can make themselves get up that early if they don’t have to) I wasn’t feeling too good about myself. To make matters more challenging (cue dramatic music) I’m running a half marathon in 5 DAYS! Why do I do this!

Don’t get me wrong, I sort of knew what I was doing. Even if I wasn’t fully aware of my actions, there were plenty of warning signs. Despite all warning signs from my body (the post-sugar shakes, feeling exhausted, feeling moody-ask my husband about my Real Housewives of Tomah-esque meltdown after a day of cleaning and eating M & M’s, lack of interest in things I love-aka running, feeling the size of a house, interrupted sleep, sugar cravings, runs that feel like I’m carrying military gear on my legs, butt, and back while my heart is squeezed into a vice, etc) I did NOT listen to what my body was trying to tell me.

Over the past day I’ve realized I must just except the fact that I made a bad choice (repeatedly, over and over, as in doesn’t catch on too quick) and move on. I can’t put those sweet, yummy, hi-I’m-high-on-sugar-treats back. I can’t reverse time and run those miles, so I guess I will just have to get back on the wagon this week. Maybe you feel derailed by Easter treats and greets with family and friends. If so, no biggie, simply make it a priority to get back (or start) in the swing of things. You only have forever in front of you to make one change at a time, or two, or however many you can manage. When you feel yourself getting derailed in the future (and you WILL), listen to your body and allow yourself to mess up a few times.

To get back on the wagon I made homemade spaghetti sauce using fresh garlic, onions, peppers, and tomatoes. The sauce was poured on veggie noodles and eaten with a side of roasted carrots and zucchini. My body thanked me by making me feel better than I had all week. My run the next morning still didn’t feel so good, but it all takes time! Don’t be so hard on yourself!

As you will see in this week’s motivation video, you could make the choice to be sad and stay on the couch after a setback or you could make a choice that will make you feel happy, accomplished, and proud! I know you can-so get back on that wagon.

Major props to you if your wagon never crashed, imploded, or led you to nearly die from dysentery over the weeks leading up to Easter! I was close. My tombstone would have read-Here lies Sarah; chocolatey and jelly beans. If you didn’t grow up playing Oregon Trail on an apple II computer with floppy disks, then you won’t get this last part!

Happy Monday!

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