{Friday Fab 5}

This week flew by for me! Anyone else? I suppose that is a good thing. Here’s what was going on this week.

{#1-Twins Game}
2013-05-11 19.22.32
Ry and I went to a Twins game with the coaches he coaches with and their families, and the athletes and their parents this past weekend. It was freezing cold, but like Mandy, we too have a goal to see as many major league ballparks as possible. Ry had been to Target Field a few times before, but I had never. It was a fun park, but I still cannot believe they have no roof like in Milwaukee! Check out Mandy’s 14 day challenge while your looking at her blog, too. I’m always looking for quick, easy workouts to do after or before a run. This sounds like a great way to do that. You all have five minutes so stop with the excuses already.

{#2-I love Target-especially their running clothes}

Love Target!

Love Target!

So, while picking up a few necessities at Target this past weekend I made the mistake I’ve made a number of times before, I went to the workout clothes section. Lets be honest, I don’t view this as a mistake and I know it will happen again…over and over. Anyways, if you are looking for cute, affordable, and comfortable-while-you-workout gear, check out Target. I love them all.

{#3-Starbucks Carmel Ribbon Crunch Frappuccino}



RUN, don’t walk to your nearest Starbucks and order this NOW! I’m more of a warm coffee drinker, but I was in the mood for an iced coffee and saw this advertised as new and went with it. Don’t ask about the calories, just workout and eat well the rest the day. You will be in heaven for as long as it takes you to drink it! Amazing!


Big Cottonwood Marathon-Utah

Big Cottonwood Marathon-Utah

Utah will be checked off the 50 state list in September! I registered last night for the Big Cottonwood Marathon and am so excited. This course looks beautiful!

{#5-Walk with Mom}
2013-05-12 15.22.10
After enjoying my Starbucks, mom and I went for our first warm(er) weather walk of the year to the spillway on Mother’s Day. The water was high, but it was nice to get back out. It was great to spend time with the woman who has taught me so much. Love her!

Happy Weekend!

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