{Motivation Monday}

2013-05-27 17.36.40
Memorial Day is a day to be thankful for the service of men and women in the military whose dedication to our country has granted us the rights and freedoms we take for granted everyday. As a female American, I often think about how any day or night I can walk out my front door in shorts and run anywhere I want. If I lived elsewhere in the world, those freedoms I have might not be a reality.

Remembering these freedoms should be motivation enough to hit the pavement this week. How fitting that I often feel the most free when I am running, too. How different our world would be without the bravery of those in the military. Thank you to all the men and women who are serving or have served our country. It is because of you I can enjoy these freedoms everyday!

This week run because you are free. Run to be free…from stress, anxiety, whatever you need.

Happy Monday!

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