{Friday Fab 5}

This rainy weather is making me mad! Here is what made me happy this week!

{#1-Lake Love}

Ry and I drove along Lake Michigan while in Racine for The Color Run and stopped to see a lighthouse on the drive.

{#2-Devil’s Lake}

Speaking of lakes, Ry and I will be running the Dances With Dirt Half Trail Marathon in July at Devil’s Lake. Our first trail race for both of us!

{#3-Tree Love}

I’m obsessed with taking pics of trees! This was one I stopped to take while on a run!

{#4-Historic Third Ward}

The third ward is one of my favorite places to walk around in Milwaukee. We spent part of Saturday here after eating lunch at my loves place…duh-Ryan Braun’s Graffito.


For my birthday we went out for a simple dinner at our favorite Mexican place in the area. You know you’re a runner when one of the first things you think of on your birthday is how it will change your age groups when running races. I have one more year in my current age division!

Happy Weekend!

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