{Motivation Monday-Ab and Arm Challenge}

I am getting frustrated with my ankle. It is still swollen, bruised, and hurts. I know that I can’t change that so I am going to think ahead to the future. Whatever fitness I can build or maintain will only help me in the next few weeks.
Screen shot 2013-07-21 at 10.45.34 PM
I always have the best of intentions to do HIIT workouts, abs, arms, and stretching or yoga to tone the muscles while also following a training plan. The reality is following the training plan miles is often all I have time for. Now I don’t have that as an excuse. So this week if you are looking for a challenge, join me in this arm and ab challenge. The arm challenge I found on Pinterest; I take no credit for creating any of these workouts. The videos (click the link below the photo) are great for any exercises that are unfamiliar to you. Knowing what to do is important to not hurt yourself.

2013-07-21 23.40.38

Monday’s Arm Challenge

Summer Arm Challenge-Click to learn more.

When it comes to high intensity interval workouts this site is where it’s at! What used to be known as Body Rock is now known as Daily HIIT. There short workouts are usually only 12 minutes, but don’t let that kid you. Those 12 minutes will be intense. Having a strong core is important for any physical endeavors. I already know this is going to hurt so good. Check out the video below to get your abs burning!

Whose joining me in an awesome ab and arm workout today? Anyone have any ab or arm workouts you’d recommend for this week?

Happy Monday!

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