{Motivation Monday-Run to be lucky!}

Amongst the many reasons why I run, there is a reason that I often don’t think about when I’m out there putting one foot in front of another. It surely doesn’t make me push through the wall, go just a little bit further, or make it up and over that hill without stopping. This reason doesn’t make me want to sign up for races, encourage others to take their first steps, or make running with my husband fun. This reason wouldn’t make me appreciate the sights, smells, and little joys I experience each time I’m running in a new state or place.

After taking the past five weeks off from running due to injury, this reason to run surfaced when I had trouble buttoning my jeans yesterday. Often I hear people say I’m so lucky to stay the size I am. I don’t know what to tell these people except there isn’t a whole lotta luck involved. Rather I work hard. I run for hours a week. When I’m not running I’m usually walking, hiking, exploring, or doing some kind of active house stuff. On top of that I watch my portions and choose my foods wisely. I love Ben and Jerry’s but know I can’t eat it everyday. I balance an unhealthy meal out to eat with healthy food choices in the days before and after. Running is a huge reason why I can maintain my weight.

I would never tell someone to run for weight management only, but it sure is a great perk that goes with it. I guess in a way those “people” are right. I’m lucky because I’m a runner. Running makes me lucky! And because we all know how it feels when the jeans get tight, this will be one of my motivations to run for the next few weeks.

Happy Monday!

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