{Workout Recap}

This past week I ran more miles than I have since mid-July.  Some of these miles seem small compared to what I am used to running, but when I consider than I haven’t ran 5 days in a week in two months, I am grateful and feeling like myself again.  Today’s long run was difficult.  I am so out of shape, but I knew I just had to get it done.  I put one foot in front of the other and held on for just over 13 miles WITHOUT music.  My pace was slow for me. Keep in mind everyone runs a different pace. My slow might be your fast, and my fast might be your slow; the point-we all know how it feels when we run “our” slower than slowest pace. Today was about being mentally tough.

I feel surprisingly good tonight and my ankle is only moderately sore.  I think it had something to do with the awesome juice we made in our juicer after our runs. The juice had 6 oranges, 4 apples, half a big bag of carrots, a lemon, 2 cups of blueberries, 2 cups of raspberries. The result=awesome!

This past week looked like this:

Monday-2.5 miles at cross country practice

Wednesday-3 miles at cross country practice + 6.25 miles on my own=9.25 miles
2013-09-04 21.01.15
Thursday-1.5 miles at cross country

Friday-5 miles at cross country (in the 90 heat)

Sunday-13.13 miles (First run this long in 9 weeks!)
2013-09-08 14.20.25
Total Weekly Miles=31.45

6 days to Big Cottonwood Marathon!!

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