{Monday Motivation…err, Tuesday Motivation-Go Big!}

This weekend at the Big Cottonwood Marathon I came face to face with someone who has been an inspiration to me over the past few months-Nadia Ruiz. I love her story and her approach to life. I also love how her running inspired her parents and siblings to become more active and turn their health around. Maybe she can be an inspiration for you to push yourself to reach goals that are challenging-something she is all about.

You can read more about Nadia who is featured in this month’s, well really October’s, Runner’s World because of her accomplishment of running 100 marathons by the age of 28. She was set to be the put in the Guiness Book of World Records for the most marathons by the youngest female…until just before she did it someone beat her to it. She is now known as the youngest Latina to run 100 marathons. Simply put…WOW! Big Cottonwood was her 103rd marathon and its theme-Go Big was perfect for her story. Of course when we passed by each other near the port a potty, I said a meager “hi” and that was the extent of our conversation. Oh, well! It was still cool to see her.

Nadia’s message isn’t just for running. After all it really doesn’t matter if your passion is Cross Fit, yoga, running, or some other great sport. The point is to set high goals and go for them. Let no one tell you that you can’t. I believe more and more that setting these difficult goals make us grow both as people and in our relationships. Setting and reaching difficult goals in life provides a satisfaction incomparable to other achievements and makes us into the people we are supposed to be.

Who are you supposed to be and what are you waiting for? Go Big!

Happy Monday…err, Tuesday!

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