{Motivation Monday-Failed Goals}

My post is a bit late this morning. I honestly had better things to do yesterday as indicated in the below photo.

Yesterday at the game I wanted us (which of course us=Packers) to win so bad! I had been hoping, wishing, and throwing out superstitions left and right. The reality is that we don’t always get what we want.

Sometimes we work really hard to achieve a goal. Sometimes we train really hard for that race, wanting a PR so badly, but in the end we come up short. This year I ran two of my slowest races even though I really tried to push through the physical pain and mental anguish I was experiencing.


I got to thinking about all the losses and failures a lifetime gives and remembered how much we can learn from these failures. Each unmet goal gives us the opportunity to use that failed success to learn from it, to make a change in the way we prepare for the goal, and to be honest with ourselves.

When I looked at my unsuccessful races, that job I didn’t get days out of college (thank gosh in the end-I got a way better job a month later), and earning a D on my first test in college, I realized on all accounts-I hadn’t prepared the way I should have. I didn’t deserve to be successful on those occasions.

But, what if you really did prepare. You put in the miles, the speed work, and the mental preparation. Sometimes we just don’t get there. Missing my ultimate goal to qualify for Boston this year by 1:36 was rough. Getting injured preparing to try again was brutal. Failure hurts, is frustrating, and can even be maddening at times. But it also makes you stronger, tougher, better able to take on challenges in all aspects of life.

This year when looking at successful goals you accomplished don’t forget to pay attention to the ones you didn’t reach. You’ll be stronger and better prepared to meet that goal next time. And, if you’re the Packers, you sometimes get lucky off of others not meeting their goals- Although it won’t feel as good or rewarding.

Games will be lost. Goals failed. It is what you do with those experiences that ultimately makes you successful.

Happy Monday!

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