{Christmas Winter Wonderland Run}


Visiting family across the state or country is the perfect opportunity to explore new territory, run new routes, and enjoy nature’s wonder in a new way. So I did just that on Christmas morning. It was one of those perfect winter mornings…freshly falling snow, temperatures in the twenties, no wind. I was all prepped to rock out to my holiday music mix on my iPod shuffle from 2006. Of course I also had to show my holiday spirit by donning my holiday Pro Compression socks.

This would also be the first time I got to try out my Christmas gift from the husband. It was really all I wanted from him as a gift and he delivered! I’d have loved the Garmin 620, but just couldn’t justify spending $450 on a watch. The 220 has the important features I’ll use the most and didn’t totally break the bank, so it was the one I requested. Plus purple is awesome; you’ll be hearing more about my thoughts on this watch as I become an expert on its features.

We headed out for our run and passed by this festive street seeing more snowblowers than vehicles.


Then it we headed towards Lake Michigan for some scenic winter views.

This run was just so beautiful. The trees heavy with fresh, glistening snow. The crunch of untouched snow underfoot. Holiday tunes playing in the earbuds. The changing landscape so in contrast to the warm weather sights.



There is always something I’ve loved about winter that is hard to put into words. The world is blanketed in snow, yet so desolate, exposed, and vulnerable. It’s the perfect time to take comfort in small things that make you cozy, toasty, and warm.

You can hear winter’s song on these winter runs or at night with the moon reflecting off sparkling snow. There is a certain sound to it only heard in the winter months. These are the winter runs I love so much.









Winter runs also go perfect with a warm cup of Starbucks or mug of hot chocolate.

Get out and enjoys winter’s song.

4 thoughts on “{Christmas Winter Wonderland Run}

    • Thanks, Heather! I hope you had a great holiday, too! I saw you and Gunshow did the date night jar. It has really helped us get out and do fun stuff. We did get a little lazy with the jar this past month, but your post was a great reminder that we need to get back on track with date night in January. Thanks for the mention, too!

  1. I’m friends with Carissa so she told me about your blog….. I live in Shevegas not far from the lake front…… I run that route quite frequently!!!! It is gorgeous as long as it’s not too windy!!! Hope you enjoyed those miles!!!!! 😉

    • Good old Shevegas! Carissa told me about her runner friend; thanks for stopping by. The run was gorgeous, and I love any excuse to run a new route. I’m sure the wind can be nasty. I think there are only a few times I remember being in Sheboygan in the past 29 years where there wasn’t wind. Any great places or races you’d recommend running in Wisco? I’m always looking for new running adventures!

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