{3,2,1…Happy 2014 Goals}


Here they are…my fitness related goals for 2014!

{#1-Run my first ultra marathon}

So this is a big one for me (and a scary one)! I’ve been thinking about going longer for a few months. Registration for the Kettle Moraine 100 opens Tomorrow and I’m signing up. I’m not totally cray cray though…I’m signing up for the 50k (31 miles) in honor of my 30th birthday the weekend before. I’ll save the 100k and 100 mile races for when I really lose it.

{#2-Run more trails}

This goal goes with goal #1 since most ultra marathons are on trail systems and the 50k is no different. I’ve been liking the trails more and more for the private conversations with nature (not literally) and their scenic beauty. Getting state park passes for Christmas from the in-laws seemed like the ultimate sign. Plus with our amazing road trip this summer I have a feeling there will be some great trail runs!

{#3-Cross off two more states at minimum towards reaching my 50 in 50 ultimate goal}

I’m registered for both of these races. I’d love to run more than two this year, but alas I don’t have an unlimited racing and travel budget. Without a sugar daddy for a husband, I will be content with the great places I do get to visit this year.

{#4-Complete a Century ride}
After injuring my ankle and rediscovering biking after a ten year absence, I realized how much I enjoy cross training on the bike. This summer I plan to ride the entire La Crosse State bike trail to the Sparta-Elroy trail to the 400 trails end in Reedsburg…exactly 100 miles in a day!

{#5-HIIT workouts after short runs and yoga once a week}
I was very inconsistent with HIIT workouts last year. This year I’m scheduling them after my short run days. I started doing yoga this year and want to make sure I do it at least once a week. More would be great, but I need to be realistic, too.

{#6-Train and Pace my husband to finishing his first marathon}

I put this one last because I don’t think he needs that much help, but I did make his training plan, buy him running clothes and fruity GU for Christmas, and will be running with him so it counts for something.

Those of you who have ran a marathon before probably remember all the questions and uncertainty you had while training for your first. I’m going to document what it’s like to train with your husband along with all those first marathon experiences in a new post each week. If you’ve never ran a marathon yet or are training for one, join us! Stay tuned!!

When the champagne has worn off start thinking about YOU! What are your 2014 fitness goals? You only get one body…how will you take care of yours?

Happy 2014!

9 thoughts on “{3,2,1…Happy 2014 Goals}

  1. These are awesome goals!
    Can I just say how happy I am that you will be documenting your husband’s first marathon journey?!
    I really want to run a full this year and I have SO MANY questions!
    This will be awesome!!!!

    • Glad you like the idea! Hopefully it will help you in your decision to run a marathon. Plus we will be done with our marathon with plenty of time for you to still properly train and run your first marathon if you decide to!

  2. CONGRATS on the 50k!!! My parents both raced (but DNF’d) the KM100. They loved the race though, and my dad is hoping to someday try again.

    Two of my goals are to get a 5K PR (beat my high school XC time!) and run a race in costume 🙂

    • That is awesome, Stacy! Do your parents run many races? Ever ran a race with them? I’m super scared and excited for a 50k.

      Love that you have a time goal and a fun goal for this year! I came as close to a costume as I ever have with the reindeer antlers and holiday socks. I’d love to dress up in a costume for a race someday, too.

      • You’ll do great!
        I go to one or two timed ultras every year and Snow Fun (my race later today) with my parents, but since they’ve started racing much less and I’ve been doing a lot more I go alone or try to find friends to go with. Not many friends are game to do more than a 5K, so I’m trying to get the boy into running 😉 his first half is Mississippi Blues!

      • Have a blast in Mississippi! I can’t wait to hear how your race and your trip go. Looking forward to a race report! Enjoy the chance to get out of this cold!!

        I hear you in the 5k max with friends, too!

    • Congrats on your half! I love races that are near water! I actually don’t know anything about the race, course,etc…yet! We picked this race because the date worked with our schedules. Anything good to know or that a runner might find help about this race? Will you be running this race again?

      • I’m running the Indy 500 Half Marathon that weekend instead.

        One of my friends ran the full marathon last year and didn’t realize that there was crushed gravel a significant amount of the course during the 2nd half of the race. He said that it hadn’t been advertised as a trail before, so just something to be aware of!

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