{Motivational Monday-Best Post-Workout Foods}

Since I’ll be wrapping up my Fueling for the Long Run post tonight, I thought I’d share a quick motivation to eat the right foods…perhaps more importantly I should say real foods to power your workouts and recover after.

It’s easy to reach for foods that are fast, easy to prepare, and not so healthy for us when you are starving post-run. These are the moments you learn the hard way not to go grocery shopping in or else you’ll come home with bags full of things seven year olds would have begged for; foods you haven’t bought in years or ever.

To avoid this sabotaging hungry take over, make sure to have healthy snacks at home. Remove the temptation and replace it with healthy foods you would reach for. Here are 14 foods to eat post-workout to that will leave you feeling happy and accomplished not defeated after the fact.

Stay tuned for my fueling for the long run post tonight. Happy Monday!

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