{Motivation Monday-Favorites from Spirit of the Marathon II}


I hope you all had a great weekend. Yesterday Ryan and I watched Spirit of the Marathon II to psych ourselves up for our long runs. It was great, I teared up, I would watch it again. As I was watching I kept track of comments and quotes that stuck with me. Here they are to motivate you this Monday morning.

#1-“There are no easy marathons.” I would totally agree. No matter if you’re running your first marathon or your 100th I don’t think any of them will be easy-not in my experience. 26.2 miles can be so humbling

#2-“One of the best ways to see a city is to run it.” This is why so many of my vacations revolve around races. I can think of no better way to truly see and explore a city than to run its streets, trails, bridges, paths, and roads.


#3-“You have to give 100% all the time.” If you have a goal or a dream, then you must give 100% to it or you won’t achieve it. Simple.

#4-“You go through this pain and suffering, but you feel you are stronger than when you started.” A person’s description of the last miles of the marathon. Their thoughts are so spot on. It hurts, but yet you’ve never felt stronger.

#5-“You roll this stick on your legs and it hurts like hell. It’s great. You roll your body on this foam and it hurts like hell. It’s so great.”
Foam rolling is a bitch…but in a hurt so good way.

#6-“[In the 1970’s] people thought if women ran (long distances) their legs will get big, they’ll grow hair on their chest, there uterus will fall out, and they’ll sweat in public which is unfavorable. Today there are more woman runners than men.” Go figure! I can say that I’ll take my more muscular legs, I’ve experienced no chest hair growth, I still have my uterus, and sweating is awesome. There are so many advantages and benefits to running. Get out there and screw the naysayers!

#7-“Life is a journey. You can either be a spectator or you can live it. The marathon is the greatest analogy to life.” Get out and run your journey.


#8-“Running is my time. I don’t think about the future or the past. It becomes meditative.”
I’ve always felt like running was for me.

#9-“Running is my religion.” Running is always there for you, rejuvenates the soul, and can be shared with those around you. It is great for the soul!

Happy Monday!

One thought on “{Motivation Monday-Favorites from Spirit of the Marathon II}

  1. Awesome!!!!!!
    I can’t wait to watch the first one – just discovered it was on Netflix, yay!!!!!
    One of my new things is that when I travel I want to run in the area to experience it. Gunshow and I were going to go to CA this year but plans changed. I told him that we would be running so he better get prepared! We are going to Maine though so running shoes will be packed 🙂

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