{Liebster Award-Part 2}

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Good Sunday morning to you all! A little over a week ago I was nominated for a Liebster Award. Thank you again to JanaBananaRD for nominating me.

If you haven’t heard of this award, it’s an award for bloggers given by bloggers. When you are nominated for the award, you answer a set of questions asked by the blogger who nominated you and then nominate 11 other bloggers, and give those bloggers a set of questions to answer. My 11 blogger nominations are below. Check them out for some new Sunday reading.

1. Enjoy the Journey
2. Runner Girl Eats
3. Run with Jess
4. sweat once a day
5. Run like a G!
6. Running Wild
7. Will Run for Glitter
8. Pretty Little Runner
9. Once Upon a Lime
10. Road to 100
11. In it for the Long Run

My eleven questions are below:

1) Why did you start blogging?
2) What is your favorite race to recommend to others?
3) Where is your dream racecation (destination race) and Why?
4) What running gear can’t you live without?
5) What is your favorite fuel for long runs?
6) Any great trails you’d recommend to other runners?
7) How do you budget for running and races?
8) Favorite running book or movie?
9) Favorite way to cross train?
10) Who is your biggest inspiration?
11) What is a local beer or wine from your neck of the woods you’d recommend to others?

THE RULES: (I tried to follow these rules, but sometimes rule following is just so hard.) 😉

1. Thank the blogger who has nominated you
2. Answer the questions given to you (Read my Q & A here-Liebster Award-Part 1)
3. Nominate 11 other blogs with less than 500 followers (I broke this rule a few times.)
4. Post 11 questions for your nominees to answer
5. Tag your nominees & post a comment on their blog to let them know that you have nominated them.

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