{Motivation Monday-It’s Marathon Week}

Screenshot 2014-04-27 22.46.47
So much power in just a few words. Since it is marathon week I’m not sure Ryan and I need a lot of motivation. The anticipation and anxiety for a first marathon is all you need to carry you to the end of race week. Even thought it is not my first it honestly feels like it is. I’m heading to bed to make sure I get plenty of rest this week, but stay tuned to hear more about how we are preparing all the final details for the big day.

Happy Monday!

6 thoughts on “{Motivation Monday-It’s Marathon Week}

  1. Diet Coke is my vice! (NEVER Pepsi!) I was drinking it like crazy, and recently decided to cut back. What I found was easiest was to not cut it out completely. I don’t buy it anymore, I only drink it if I am going out to eat, which is only about once a week, and I stopped going to mcdonalds or gas stations and only buying a diet coke. It’s easier for me this way because it really is a treat, I don’t have to live without it but I drink a lot more water. I gave up pop altogether for 2 years senior year of high school/freshman year of college, and I found that far more challenging than being vegetarian (which will be going on 5 years this summer)

    • I’m trying to save it for treats or when out to eat, too. A couple of years ago I tried slowly decreasing the amounts I drank to eventually none, but it never worked for me. I need to be cold turkey for a bit and then introduce it as a treat here and there. Glad to know I’m not alone with my diet soda problems! 😉

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