{Wisconsin Marathon Training-Week 18}

The final week of training was a blur. It was both bittersweet and exciting. Ryan was ready to be done training and also call himself a marathoner. I was anxiously anticipating Ryan’s first race remembering all of my own first time fears, excitements, and nerves.

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Monday-3 miles (Both of us)
Nice and easy miles.

Wednesday-6.18 miles (Sarah)
I came back from this run in the rain wet, but so content. The legs felt rested and ready to race on Sunday.

Thursday-2 miles (Ryan)

Sunday-26.2 miles Race Day! (Both of us)
Full race recap coming this week!

Tip of the Week-
Double, no triple check, your packing list and make sure you have everything you need. Thursday I laid everything out I planned to wear, eat, drink, etc.

I double checked it as I packed everything. Even though I packed everything I needed to be prepared on race day, this didn’t prevent me from forgetting to bring my watch to the actual race. More on that in my race report this week. Below is a list of my must haves for race day!

-Fuel (for me this involves choosing my GU flavors and planning at what miles I will eat each)
-race belt
-body glide
-Garmin or other GPS watch
-safety pins or clips for race belt to attach race bib
-iPod/iPhone for music and photos
-headband (Sweat Band or Bic bands)
-hair ties
-Nuun for pre and post-run hydration
-lip gloss
-sports bra
-compression socks x2 (one pair for racing the other for post-race if necessary)
-hat (if cold or wet)
-warm layers if needed
-change of layers (especially if raining)

I also try to remind myself that if anything is forgotten a runner ultimately only needs clothes and shoes. Everything else on this list simply makes the miles easier or more comfortable.

What items are on your race day gear list?

Total Weekly Miles-29.2 miles (Ryan) and 35.4 miles (Sarah)

Happy Training !

4 thoughts on “{Wisconsin Marathon Training-Week 18}

    • I’m so glad we got to meet, too. It looked like your race went well. I still can’t believe it was seeing your watch that reminded me I didn’t have mine. Crazy! Hope you continue to heal fast from your “setback!” 🙂

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