{Friday Fab 5-Sore Swagger, Summer Festivals, Medal Holders,…}

School’s out for the summer! Yesterday was officially my final day of the 2013-2014 school year. Things were a bit busy so I’m posting my Fab 5 a day late. I always find such a mix of emotions on the last day of school-so excited to have time to do more of what I want when I want, but so shocked at not having to do something right now. We’re looking forward to a fun summer with races in great places, travel and good times with friends.

{#1-Chester Woods 50k}
I’m still a little in shock about how my 50k race went last weekend. My legs were sore for a couple of days, but by Tuesday and Wednesday I felt good. That makes the experience even better. I had to share one more picture of one of my favorite parts of this course. It would make a great 50k for anyone-including first timers. They also have a ten mile race for those of you not looking for the long, long distance.

After the 50k last Saturday I though I’d be relaxing on the couch all night. That didn’t happen. Instead I watched the husband play softball, hung out with the team, and then we hit up some fair fun. I hadn’t had cotton candy in years…YEARS. It was a great treat and fun except for when it got really damp and chilly and my hip flexors were in so much pain I literally could hardly lift my legs. Ryan went to get the car to meet me halfway while I struggled to walk with a big blanket, my purse and cotton candy. He said I looked like a crazy, homeless drunk person shuffling along the street with my belongings in hand. So enduring, sweetie.

{#3-Sore Swagger}
Screenshot 2014-06-14 10.35.51
I totally needed this tank top last Saturday at the husband’s softball game. I think people really thought I might have been really drunk when they saw me walking at the end of the night-I wasn’t!

{#4-Medal Holder}
Screenshot 2014-06-14 10.40.30
In honor of my 50k and with some birthday money, I have finally decided on one of the amazing and cool medal holders from the York Sign Shop. I currently have all my race medals pinned to a bulletin board. While this works okay, I’ve wanted a better and prettier way to organize them. They have some really neat stuff-check them out.

{#5-Short is better than long sometimes}
Screenshot 2014-06-14 10.44.05
Summer brings more time for me, but it also brings more fun. Sometimes finding time to have fun and run is difficult. I need to remind myself that when life gets busy a short run is always better than no run.

Anyone have a fun way you organize your medals? Ever had a post-race sore swagger?

Happy Weekend!

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