{State #13-Utah} Big Cottonwood Marathon

Friday after school ended I head to the elevated state-Utah. I had a direct flight and the pleasure of sitting next to a man who was burping thick, hearty burps aloud that also had an onion-ish smell during most of the flight. I nearly gagged a few times. I feel I may need to begin wearing a sign on flights that says if you do gross or weird things on a flight, then I will write about you online. Other than this, the flight was great. I had a chance to read a book and my new edition of Runner’s World.

My flight landed at 8:40 p.m. and it was off to pick up my rental car and head to the hotel. My hotel was only eight miles away and near a gas station where I picked up water and vitamin water. So many kids have been sick at school already and I had been feeling on the verge of a cold for the past few days. Once I was in my hotel room, I laid out my race gear for the next morning and was in bed by 10:30. I had a very early wake up coming.

At 3:45 a.m. my alarm went off and I was up and out of bed. I was surprisingly not that tired and fairly efficient at getting myself ready and out the door in less than 40 minutes. I ate my typical morning bagel and packed along a Blueberry Luna bar just in case I got hungry later. I had a coffee cup with Diet Dew and a bottle of water to take on the bus ride up the mountain. I also had my layers prepared as I knew it would be cold on the mountain top (50 degrees). Buses started leaving at 4:00 a.m. with the last bus leaving at 5:00 a.m. for a 6:40 a.m. race start. I was aboard a bus by 4:35 a.m. ready to head up the mountain top.

On the ride up the mountain it was completely dark; views of Salt Lake City lit up the valley. As we climbed the mountain in the school bus, I could see nothing out the window, but could feel the bus climbing. After about a 30 minute ride towards the top our bus came to a stop. People on the bus from the area mentioned there was little space to turn around and how narrow the road is. They also mentioned there were few guardrails on Big Cottonwood Canyon Road.

Course Map

Course Map

After sitting for 15 minutes without moving, people started to get uneasy and wonder what was going on. A few people got off the bus to pee in the darkness; with narrow roads and no real shoulder people did this at their own risk. A few minutes later some of the bathroom goers got back on the bus and said two or three buses ahead there was a bus that took a very tight up the mountain turn too tight. The front and back tires of the bus were off the ground and the mid-section of the bus was stuck on the turn blocking both lanes of the road. No buses could go up or down the mountain. After another ten minutes some runners on other buses got off the buses to walk to the start of the race. Our bus decided that would not be smart considering mile marker three up ahead indicated we still had three miles to go to the start, it was pitch black out, and the road was narrow without guardrails.

Soon a tow truck was up the mountain and a runner told the guy to hook up his chain and get that bus out of the way. The guy said he wasn’t sure he would be able to, but the runner told him to get going. With a fresh burned rubber smell in the air and another 30 minutes past, we were headed back up the mountain…for 100 meters. Then our bus stalled and the starter went out four times in the next half mile. The last two and a half miles were uneventful; thank gosh!

Marathon Elevation Map

Marathon Elevation Map

At the top of the mountain the sun was starting to come up so we could see. The plus of this delay is it wouldn’t be dark for the first three miles of the race, rather we could see during the entire race. It was a mad dash for stops at the port a potty and packet drop off.




The race began about 35-40 minutes later than scheduled, however the race directors and organizers did an awesome job with the entire situation. I was surprised they even got us started that early considering buses didn’t get to the top until an hour plus after they were supposed to. Finally we were off!  I’m going to let the photos do most the talking in this race report!


The first mile was steep and I could feel my knees hurting. I was freaked; what if this continued? I kept my cool and after the first mile the feeling disappeared as my muscles warmed and the steepness declined. Many people asked me about the elevation’s impact on my running; I really didn’t notice it much at all. A few times during the race I noticed I was breathing heavier than usual, but I was also very out of shape and had been congested so I really can’t say with certainty it was the elevation.

mile 1

mile 1

mile 1-9:30

mile 2

mile 2


mile 2-9:23
mile 3-9:31

The quads were saying hi at this point already!  I was staying positive, but was also making a mental note.  I needed to keep the pace slow to save up for later.  I had a long way to go with not a lot of training to fall back on.

mile 4-9:40

mile 5-9:20
mile 6-9:22


IMG_3816These miles were just ticking by so fast!

mile 7-9:30

mile 8-10:00
Big Cottonwood Marathon 8

mile 9-10:44 (bathroom break)



The beauty of the course continued to amaze me.  By mile 10 I could really feel my quads.  I guess that is the reason for completing downhill training when preparing for a downhill marathon.  Even with a healed ankle it would have been a challenge to truly prepare for this type of course.  The pain was negated by the beauty all around.  The feeling of running in such a gorgeous place was indescribable.  I kept smiling and falling in love with running all over again.  I was so glad to be out there running; I felt so lucky!

mile 10-9:22


mile 11-9:33

We came out of this tight curve to a whole new scene.  New trees, and more green with a drop in elevation.  So pretty!IMG_3825
mile 12-9:28

The nice thing about just running to finish is you have time to pause for photos.

The nice thing about just running to finish is you have time to pause for photos.

mile 13-9:24

mile 14-9:27
Big Cottonwood Marathon

Big Cottonwood Marathon 2
mile 15-9:33
Big Cottonwood Marathon 11

Big Cottonwood Marathon 12
mile 16-9:17
Big Cottonwood Marathon 13

This photo was for you, Meg!  I thought of you and your dad at this point and smiled!

This photo was for you, Meg! I thought of you and your dad at this point and smiled!

mile 17-9:21

mile 18-9:13

At this point we left the canyon behind and were headed onto a bike path that led to a road.  The flat road miles seemed to be the longest miles of my life.
The sun was high in the sky and the drop in elevation was warming things up.  Did I mention at this point my quads are on fire had been going through my head for some time sung to the tune of “This girl is on fire” by Alicia Keys.

mile 19-9:44

Big Cottonwood Marathon 3

mile 20-9:56
Big Cottonwood Marathon 4

I had been in pain for a few miles and finally felt a bit better.  That feeling would be short lived.

mile 21-12:05 (bathroom break)

After mile 21 I don’t even remember the race very clearly.  I was in so much pain. My quads hurt, my back hurt from holding my running form downhill, I was having major GI issues (stomach cramps, extra bathroom stop) which NEVER happens to me.  I knew I was thirsty and my muscles felt like they needed a GU (i.e. energy), but I knew Gatorade messed with my stomach and the issues I was having forced me to forgo any GU’s or Gatorade.  This meant no extra electrolytes, calories, or go for the hardest miles of the race.

mile 22-10:22

mile 23-9:31

mile 24-11:14

I had been pushing as hard as I could for the past six miles, taking 1:00 minute walk breaks when my stomach cramps got too bad-something I’d never done before.  With mile marker 25 up ahead I felt tears welling up in my eyes.  I just couldn’t run.  My legs had nothing left, I felt weak, my stomach hated me.  I couldn’t believe the mess I was.  There is NO crying in running.  I pulled myself together in defeat and did something I’ve never done before and I walked a mile of the race, mile 25.

mile 25-13:58

I knew I had to start running again, so I did. One more mile to go.

mile 26-10:42

So relieved to be meters from the finish!

So relieved to be meters from the finish!

mile 26.2-8:19
Big Cottonwood Marathon 6 Big Cottonwood Marathon 7

Loved the popsicles and Jimmy John's at the finish!

Loved the popsicles and Jimmy John’s at the finish!

and this puppy!

Cottonwood HS makes me think of the Scream movies..."Sydney" in creepy voice!

Cottonwood HS makes me think of the Scream movies…”Sydney” in creepy voice!


Running this race taught me so much about pushing through pain and your comfort zone.  I never thought about quitting rather I tried to embrace the pain and remember the more I pushed, the sooner I was done.  I’ve already begun to forget how those miles hurt towards the end.  I guess that is why people subject themselves to the pain again.  

In the end I was proud.  Despite running my slowest marathon ever, I was happy I finished with only three weeks of low mileage training after being injured.  Without any downhill preparation, I ran 18 miles downhill.  I was proud and content with my time considering the situation.  At one point a week before the race, when life was crazy and my confidence low, I mentioned possibly not going.  I decided that was foolish as who knows when I’d be able to complete this race again.  I set aside my fears, went after my goal of 50 in 50, and did it.  I went big!




I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t upset hearing about all the people who qualified for Boston at this race, but figure there must be a reason why I got injured and won’t be at that starting line next spring.  There will be chances again in the future; I must remember this when I get down on myself about my slow race time.  I went big! I ran in a beautiful location in a once in a lifetime race. I tackled a challenge of a marathon without truly training. It was an awesome experience and the runners got the gold treatment.

If you EVER have a chance to run this race-DO IT! It is gorgeous. The race is one of the most organized I’ve ever ran, the medals and shirts are awesome, runners were taken care of from start to finish with tattoos, bags, gloves, and goodies at the start; plus free photos were automatically posted to your facebook. This was a top notch race. I’m so glad I ran it as my Utah!

Big Cottonwood Marathon
Time:  4:22:11
Pace: 10:00min/mile
Place: 835/1308
Gender: 426/733
Age Group:  48/89

{TV is EVIL and Temporary Insanity}

Here I sit searching for a training plan that can redeem my soul and bring me back from the depths of injury hell. Sounds dramatic, but in truth it is not. After getting over the initial moodiness, irritability, irrational thinking, and cruel outbursts towards my husband, I started riding my bike in place of running. I also started watching TV-something I rarely have much time for during the school year or the summer for that matter. When you go from running 7 or more hours a week to not running at all, you sort of have some extra free time. I shamefully admit that that free time accompanied by working only at my second job led to me becoming obsessed with a TV show on Netflix that I can’t repeat for fear of intense judgement. Lets just say my husband’s look of disapproval was rather harrowing. Even my doctorate level skills at justifying me watching the show made no movement in his opinion. It may be the first time I’ve doubted his love for me.

After becoming addicted to said trashy and not age appropriate TV show, you’d think that’s where the bad behavior stops. If only there were that many rainbows and unicorns. It seems TV watching and not running also created an imbalance of chemicals in my brain. The usual don’t sit down, clean this, put away that, work on this, go run, then walk, then hike, let’s cook complicated things, and not sit down until bedtime self became rather sedentary over the past month.

The guy might have eaten a few squirrels in his life time, but he's mine!

The guy might have eaten a few squirrels in his life time, but he’s mine!

Now I can’t seem to turn it around. I literally can’t bring myself to get groceries. Instead I’ve been cooking Subway or PB and J sandwiches…for breakfast, lunch, and dinner because I’m too lazy to go to the grocery store. Ryan’s been living off of venison and Subway. I don’t worry too much about him though. I suppose if he gets hungry enough he could shoot a squirrel in our back yard and whip up some squirrel and biscuits-a family recipe in his family! I kid you not and mean no offense, I just had no idea people ate stuff like that until I met him. I have yet to try the dish and don’t see it happening EVER. Or he could go to the grocery store for us. Again, there will likely be dead squirrels soon!


This is only half of what was there two weeks ago. The rest is in the dirty clothes baskets. EEEK!

In addition, I have an alarming amount of laundry to put away. Truth-I haven’t put ANY away since I hurt my ankle. If my mom is reading this then she just had a stroke. Sorry, mom! This behavior would not fly in her house. Last week when packing for NYC I actually had to buy new socks and a couple layering shirts because I couldn’t find any in the piles in the guest room. I’m ashamed. All the little house projects I’d planned to do have been pushed to the back burner.

I’m hoping that this new plan will help my rise above and be my normal type A, go getter self. If not, I fear sliding further downward. Next thing you know I’ll be on an episode of hoarders. The dining room table looks like a prequel to the show already with mail, magazines, receipts, and junk piling up-something I’d never have done before. The backyard looks like a jungle with weeds climbing the fence. Soon military will be completing their jungle tactical training in our very yard. And the husband mentioned yesterday that since I haven’t been running, he hasn’t hardly ran either which he blames me for (he’s joking of course).


I don’t think I’m this bad, but we all have our days.

Yet despite all this, I’m still confident this plan will get me back in the game. Let just say being injured, no matter how minuscule an ankle sprain may seem, is no joke. They should provide support groups for controlling the crazy that ensues. If you’ve ever been injured, then I feel your pain. Maybe you experienced similar symptoms. If you haven’t been injured, you’ve been warned to the emotional aspects of being sidelined from something you love. I didn’t even talk about the affects of losing your fitness and having your pants get tight. There isn’t time enough for that.

This is the most unmotivated I’ve felt-EVER. This is the reason I don’t believe in quitting; starting over is so hard. Throwing PR goals out the window and having your new goal be just finish the thing and still be able to walk after is quite a mental shift. In all fairness, I was due. I’ve led a healthy running career thus far. I’ll be back at it in due time. In the meantime, I’m looking for new races, bribing myself that if I put away the laundry I don’t have to get groceries, and heading to Subway for dinner, oh, wait, I found another jar of PB so scratch that.

It is also times like now that I feel grateful. I know, where is this coming from after this rant? I get to heal and return to what I love. For some people who are seriously hurt or injured they don’t get that luxury. I’m so lucky I get to run again. In a year I will have forgotten what it feels like to miss something I enjoy doing. That is the beauty of appreciation! And now I have a TV show I can use to relate with my female middle school students this fall. I have no shame.


I’m still learning how to react, but with each new experience we grow. Having peanut butter a supportive husband along the way helps, too.

Anyone else ever go crazy during a period of injury?