{Motivation Monday} Ben Does Life

2013-03-11 17.16.26
So if you are at all like me, then you sometimes struggle with motivating yourself to workout. I’m struggling right now because I am sooooo sick of winter weather! These photos are what western Wisconsin woke up to on this beautiful March morning. It really was beautiful, but by March 11 the allure of winter is gone. GONE! The couch and the fourth season of Breaking Bad on Netflix sound so much better than running outside.
2013-03-11 17.07.12
I’ve decided a little extra motivation on Monday might help me throughout the week. So each Monday look for a weekly dose of motivation here! Feel free to comment on what motivates, inspires, and helps you to get your workouts done.

Today’s motivation comes from a clip I’ve shared on Facebook before, my 120 pound journey. No matter how many times I watch this I get emotional and motivated. I hope you do to! Read about how Ben Does Life on his blog to learn more about his journey past and present. He just came out with a book I have yet to read, but added to my book list-do life.

Click below for your Monday Motivation and get out there!