{IMM Training-Weeks 2, 3 and 4}

Apparently I write a blog about running and am training for a marathon.  This would be an actual marathon on foot comprised of 26.2 miles of sweat, GU and muscle fatigue.  If you look at my training (you’ll see below) you wouldn’t know it.  In my week 1 post I was all about balance in my life.  Let’s just say the balance was broken, off kilter, kittywampus (I’ve never written that word before) or derailed.

I’m not going to be mad at myself or drone on and on because ain’t nobody got time for that.  I’m a new mom and just returned from 15 nights on the road and out of town out of the last 17 days.  If you follow me on Instagram you saw what I was up to.  I did the best I could with the given situation and the results are less than pretty.  Sometimes that’s life. You can’t go back and change the past so I’m moving forward.

I encourage you to cut yourself the same slack from time to time.  That thing you keep beating yourself up about as if Ronda Rousey was fighting you.  You know exactly what I mean.  Just give yourself permission to move on.  Look to the future.  Learn from your situation.  Your going to lose against her anyway.  That woman can kick some major ass.

Week 2



Wednesday-3 mile run/4 mile walk

Thursday-60 min. Yoga Sculpt a.m./ 3 mile run p.m.


Saturday-Dressed in running clothes and entered hotel workout room for treadmill run, but my boss had other plans.  Played bicycle with him as ab work when out of the car instead.

Sunday-5 miles on Detroit Riverwalk.  Most parts of this run were pretty, a few run down, however I found beauty in both.  I always felt safe.  Check it out if ever in Detroit.  

Week 2 Miles-11

Week #3-

Monday-Walked 4 miles on sidewalk/path along Niagara River leading to Niagara Falls.

 Tuesday-Walked around Lake George and Hiked in Adirondack Mountains

Wednesday-Hilly and hot walk on Province Lands bike trail (7.5 miles) in Cape Cod. 

Thursday-Dressed for a run on the Cape Cod Rail Trail.  Forgot it was the husband’s birthday for a few moments.  Let this be our little secret.  Remembered, and got us coffee and doughnuts and a cookie dough cupcake for the birthday boy while letting him sleep in.  No chance to run.

Friday-3.25 miles (Finally!  Was close to hurting someone if I didn’t get to run.)

Saturday-Sightseeing in Boston.  Walked undetermined number of miles. 

Sunday-See Saturday.  Moved long run to Monday.

In real current time on Monday, August 3rd at 8:15 p.m. as I’m typing this post on my phone and my son is sleeping in my arms:

It just sounded like a loud car crash and the power went out.  Blog post officially delayed.  Power is out for an hour.  Thank         goodness for the White Noise App I have on my phone that is mostly charged.  My son needs the white noise to stay asleep. Seriously download this if you have a little one that uses white noise.  I can’t tell you how many times we’ve used this app.

Week 3 Miles-3.25 (Yes, you read that correctly.)

Week #4-

Monday-7 mile run in Boston (Started in Boston Common, to Boston Public Gardens, to Boston Marathon finish line, to Charles River Esplanade loop, finished with fresh cannoli for the husband and family.  I had one bite only since I’m dairy free for the baby.  Boo!) 

Tuesday-4 mile hike (Hiked Gorge Trail at Watkins Glen State Park) 

Wednesday-Sandy and hilly dune hike at Indiana Dunes State Park 

Thursday-1 mile run/walk, Home sweet home for one night

Friday-2.25 mile run to enjoy the moon

Saturday-off…doing important things like a college friend get together at a lake cabin.  Also first night away from little man.  Tears were shed. 

Sunday-Planned long run, but left running shoes outside friend’s cabin overnight by accident.  During night a torrential rain storm occurs. Only running shoes along are soaked.  I seriously can’t make this up.

Week 4 Miles-10

I said there would be ups and downs in week 1.  You probably just didn’t think I meant coming so soon.  This is the post with the running downs, but the life highs.  We made so many great memories on our road trip I wouldn’t changed the missed miles for anything.  Don’t worry.  This is still a blog about running.  I’m still planning to run a marathon.  Regular training has resumed as of today.  Rhonda Rousey was just after my running the past few weeks.  I’m trying to stay away from her this week.  I suggest you do to!  

Stay tuned for Week #5’s update in a week and some other training news.


{Friday Fab 5}

{#1-Tragedy and Gratefulness}
2013-04-12 21.54.04
This week more than ever we need to hug those we love, say those kind thoughts we might hold back, and appreciate the life we’ve got.  In the wake of tragedy, we must turn to those we love and support those who are grieving. It is sad, but often true how bad events can put everything into perspective. This week I had so many people say kind thoughts about being glad I was ok and not in Boston.  Family, friends, coworkers, students (even the kid that sometimes gets on my nerves) all had kind thoughts to say to me this week.  It made me think about why we don’t just say those things on a regular basis.  Why do we wait for tragedy to strike before telling people in our lives they matter.   That they are important.  That they inspire us.   That we can’t imagine our world without them.  How often do we take those people for granted. My husband and I had an extra scare this week with me being clutzy with a beer glass at my other job and a miscommunication, and we realized we don’t tell each other enough how much we mean to each other. So don’t hold back this weekend.  Who would you regret passing kind thoughts onto-tell them tonight.  Many prayers go out to those in Boston and Texas and everywhere.

{#2-Moving Forward}

Vet Fest benefits Reedsburg Area Veteran organizations, the Reedsburg Area United Fund (which helps fund over 25 local non-profit agencies), and will also be used towards local high school scholarship awards.

Vet Fest benefits Reedsburg Area Veteran organizations, the Reedsburg Area United Fund (which helps fund over 25 local non-profit agencies), and will also be used towards local high school scholarship awards.

For me running has always been about running through my triumphs and tragedies. Good days are even better with endorphins. Bad days lead to problems being resolved on a five mile route. Stress flies away as the miles do. Running races helps me to see the generosity and genuineness of the human spirit. Even more so when the race benefits a charity or group of people. Whether it is the cowardness of some individuals or the weather that has you down, do something this weekend that helps you stay positive .

{#3-Explore new places}

So excited to have been introduced to this place.

So excited to have been introduced to this place.

This past weekend after running in Reedsburg we swung by the in-laws for lunch. My mother-in-law mentioned this neat little market; I just loved it. Who would have thought a small town would have awesome local organic produce and products, grass fed beef, and so much more. AND the prices were so reasonable-half of what we usually pay at our regular grocery stores. I was so impressed. Check this place out if you are ever near by! What a find! My coworker said they have an email list they send out to let customers know when new produce, etc. is coming in. Does anyone else know of other local stores that carry organic products?

{#4-New Running Tights}

Road Runner Sports-$29

Road Runner Sports-$29

I wore these tights from Road Runner Sports in my half marathon last weekend-they ROCKED. Totally flattering, comfortable, and they have mesh behind the knees/calves for ventilation. The best part-they were on clearance for $29!

{#5-Spring is coming…it has to be!}

A summer sunset over Lake Onalaska!

A summer sunset over Lake Onalaska!

Even though it was snowing during our tornado drill at school today, we had two track meets this week…so in my book spring is on its way!

Happy Weekend!