{Motivation Monday-Marathon Training Begins Today}

Today marks a day I never thought would occur. My husband (and I) start marathon training. Ryan was the guy who was adamant that he never wanted to run a marathon. He said over and over that he had no desire to run long training runs and race 26.2 miles. He didn’t ever want running ten miles to feel like nothing. He liked his toes unbruised and unblistered. I respected his choice and never pushed him to sign up for the full marathon.

You can imagine my surprise when he announced this fall that he wanted to run a full marathon. We’ve ran four half marathons together, yet I never saw this coming. When I met Ryan he ran, but never more than 2-3 miles and not during the cold of winter. I guess being around me started to rub off on him.

Our training starting today is perfect in so many ways-the holiday weight gain from too many treats, new year and new goals, and cold weather lack of motivation.

What new goal or challenge will you go for this year? Running a marathon may not be for you, but what else might be. Dream big. Work hard. Persevere and you might find yourself a happier, healthier, better version of yourself in a few months. Overcoming challenges will give you the reward of knowing you accomplished something difficult for the rest of your life.

Happy Monday!