{Friday Fab 5-NYC Edition}

Since I am writing from New York AND had my first real run in four weeks yesterday, you’re going to notice a theme today people! Cue Alicia Keys-In New York…All photos were from my running route yesterday morning. New York City is an amazing place to run!
{#1-First stop-Carrie Bradshaw’s Apartment}
I could almost see Big coming down the street to pick her up!

{#2-Onto the Hudson River Trail}
Breezy, city on one side and peaceful river on the other!

{#3-Next Up-Battery Park and Statue of Liberty}
Look close; she’s in the distance!

{#4-Headed to Brooklyn on the Brooklyn Bridge}


{#5-Coming back to Manhattan via the Manhattan Bridge}

That is pure elation all over my face at the fact that I was running again (literally in this photo). I was really running for the first time in four weeks. The location might have had something to do with it, too.

The rest of my run route details-to be continued…

Anyone else run somewhere awesome lately?

Happy Weekend!