{Friday Fab 5-Navy Pier, Lambeau Field, Eating Clean, Back to School…}

If I had to summarize the happenings of this week it would be meal preparation. I feel like I spent most of the week cutting food, cooking food, prepping food, etc. Eating clean is harder than I thought when you’re on the go and trying to do things like paint your house and organize your closets. Exciting adult stuff happening at my house this week.

Really not so exciting, but life can’t always be awesome everyday. After a super eventful five weeks, it is time to catch up on the mundane and you know, do adult stuff like pay the bills, make appointments, get organized and back on track. Sometimes I just wish I had a secretary. Oh, and a cleaning lady and a chef. That would make life a lot easier. I’d actually have time to read a book or relax with one of the three unread, not-even-opened issues of Runner’s World. July, August, and now September are all begging to be read. I suppose all the traveling was worth the unread issues. 🙂

{#1-Navy Pier Ferris Wheel}
Last Friday when in Chicago I finally rode the ferris wheel at Navy Pier. For some odd reason it is something I’ve always wanted to do. My husband was not so interested, but I gave him the pretty please eyes and the next thing you know he was in line to buy two tickets to ride. It is was a beautiful view of the Chicago skyline at night and fireworks being launched above Adler Planetarium.

{#2-Lambeau Field}
After a wedding last weekend we headed to Lambeau Field. It was like a sneak peek football weekend with the Big Ten Network 10k on Saturday and Lambeau on Sunday. I can’t wait for football to sport my new Packer headband, tattoos, and can coozy I picked up from the Packer Pro Shop. Go Pack Go!

{#3-Clean Eats}
After getting back to reality, it was time to get back on track with my eating. If you missed my two-week clean eating post earlier this week check it out. Remember I’m not a rule follower and will make adjustments to this plan whenever needed. Last night I grilled out with friends and ate a hamburger, and pasta, and tortilla chips with my pinto bean salsa. AND I ate the brownie dessert. This is life, not prison. Eat clean most of the time and enjoy the sweet goodness of processed foods once in a while. Seriously, I can’t believe how good some of the clean eats are, but at the same time my body wants processed food at least once a day. I’m trying and while I have not followed the plan perfectly at all, I’m eating better than I have in a LONG time. That is a success in my book. Perfection is overrated. If only I took my own advice more!

{#4-Back to School}
I can’t believe I’m even putting this on my blog because I’m so not ready, but there is something I love about buying a new desk calendar and planner. It’s a blank slate to fill in with the upcoming events of the school year. I love a fresh slate each year. And organization. I picked these both up at Target this week and love the design. Having pretty school supplies is a must. End talk of the school year. I must enjoy the last weeks of summer. I must enjoy the last weeks of summer.

{#5-Upcoming Race Plans}
Screenshot 2014-08-01 11.07.46
I know you were expecting some big thing here, but the truth is I don’t know. I don’t even have a clue. In the past the above quote was me to a T. Right now I’m feeling a little over running, a little burnt out. I want to run, but I don’t. I want to fall in love with running and not need to be training for a race. It has been so long since I’ve run that way. I’ve got some fun 5k’s coming up with friends that I’m definitely excited about.

As for my next distance race. I’m just not sure. Funds are low after racing so much the past three months (1-10k, 1-half marathon, 3-marathons and 1-50k), and I just don’t know what I want my next goal to be. PR half marathon? PR marathon? cross off another state? With school starting and cross country coaching officially beginning in a couple of weeks I don’t want to overload myself. We will just have to see. Please tell me I’m not the only runner who has felt this way before?!

Anyone have any big races coming up? A football team you love to cheer for? Tips for race burnout?

Happy Weekend!


{Friday Fab 5}

So this week I had spring break, hence the later than normal post…but here it is!

{#1-Enjoying the simple things}

One of my goals 2013 was to enjoy the simple things in life more. This week I took the time to sit and watch the sunset in my backyard from my family room. It was worth it.

{#2-More simple things*}

As I was driving home from watching my niece in Winona on Monday, I saw a gorgeous sunset over the lake and Mississippi River. Ahead of me was night and behind me was the sunsetting. The picture does not do the view justice, but it was amazing. Again, the simple things. *Note-Probably not a safe thing.

I came across this cool photo editing app this weekend. It is simple to use and has lots of unique and fun options to edit your photos such as the hearts in the above photo…awwww!

2013-03-28 11.16.00
I don’t know what it is about this pattern, but I’ve always loved it. I bought a scarf a few weeks back, and I just bought the same print in a dress. Seeing the print just makes me happy!

{#5-Organized my closet-FINALLY!}
I started with these supplies below all from my beloved Target.

I also used a paper towel holder, a magazine holder and some cork board covered in pattern scrapbook paper.

I also used a paper towel holder, a magazine holder and some cork board covered in pattern scrapbook paper.

First, I installed another shelf in my closet to gain extra storage space. It was a white shelf.

Then I organized all my earrings and rings by color (gold, silver, black, and colored) and put them in containers or on the wall.
2013-03-29 16.08.36
2013-03-29 15.17.36

Next, I hung Command hooks and added my necklaces to the hooks and purple containers (I already had these). These were also organized by color, of course!
2013-03-29 16.15.56

Then I added clutches to my magazine holder and bracelets to my paper towel holder.
2013-03-29 16.11.12

With the organization part done, it was time to add some inspiration and chic-something to always remind you to put on your best.

My style icon!

My style icon!

The finished product!
2013-03-29 15.18.35

I also organized my shoes and sweaters, too!
2013-03-29 16.00.07

This little project might have taken me most the day (and I only organized half of it-the other side was good to go), but I am so happy to have an organized closet and extra space in my dresser. I also “found” jewelry and clothes I’d forgotten I owned. Yeah, for shopping my closet and now being able to see all my stuff! Being organized always puts me in a happy, jump-up-and-down mood, well, that and Captain and Diet Cokes, but those don’t lead to organization!

What spring cleaning projects do you have planned?

Happy Spring Cleaning and Easter to you all!