{Friday Fab 5-AJ Bombers, Fancy Fit Boutique, Race attire, cheese the day…

{#1-Fancy Fit Boutique}

Last week on Instagram a hard working momma blogger I follow, Skinny Meg, posted the cutest workout tank possibly ever. I love chevron; just the sight of the pattern makes me feel happy inside. What made me even happier was the price tag. While on the website I also found the pink tank and polka dot headband ($24 total) that came with it. Both arrived in the mail in days and fit great. I’ve run in the pink tank already and while it is not wicking fabric, it is too cute not to love on the run. I’ve yet to wear the chevron tank as of today as mother nature is extremely confused on what her job description includes these days. If it wears as well as it is cute, then we have a steal my friends. Check them out for some other great workout gear.

{#2-AJ Bombers}

Saturday after some skydiving fun it was time to celebrate punching fear in the face and try out a new place to eat. A couple years ago AJ Bombers and Sobelman’s were matched against each other on the Food War’s. While AJ Bombers won the Food War’s, Sobelman’s consistently wins the local Milwaukee vote. We checked out AJ Bombers this time and will decide on our own food war at Sobelman’s the next time we visit Milwaukee. We enjoyed some local craft brews, frickles (fried pickles-yum), and organic grassfed beef burgers. Everything was delicious and the atmosphere made it even more fun. With peanuts on the floor, customer writing everywhere, bombers flying across tracks on the ceiling, bloody mary meals, and a laminated menu card that you check off what you want to eat-this place was fun.

{#3-Race Outfit}

I’ll be sporting this bright and spring-like outfit on Saturday at the Wisconsin Marathon aka my husband’s first marathon ever! So proud if him!

{#4-Starbucks quotes}

I loved this quote on my Starbucks treat yesterday. Fits my current mindset perfectly. Oh, and I have had only one diet dew this week with no caffeine in the afternoons or nights. Progress!

{#5-Cheese the Day}

Guys, it’s the Wisconsin Marathon so I had to-cheese the day because the cheese is in the fridge. We’ve put in our training, worked hard, and there’s no last minute magic workout to improve where we are at so it’s time to trust the training and enjoy race day!

Happy Weekend!