{Friday Fab 5}

{#1} Chicken Bruschetta

Yum!  Fast and easy, too!

Yum! Fast and easy, too!

This one is first on the list this week because it was awesome. The husband loved it! Easy to make and healthy, too.

{#2} Run Happy
2013-04-11 21.58.37
This week was another terrible, unspring-like week in the Badger state. I put on my fun colored, blue run happy hat in the sleet for my run last night and repeated that mantra in my head. Run happy. Run happy. I thought of Team Hoyt that I posted about on Monday’s Motivation and realized I had a lot to run happy about.

{#3} Unspring Spring
2013-04-05 19.01.02
As I’d hinted about in the previous, this is the scene around the state. I’m standing on ice by the way.

{#4} Coping Mechanisms
2013-04-11 21.28.52
These are a few of the coping tools used to deal with the weather this week. I took a hot shower with my Beach in Hawaii Pandora station playing after my cold-to-the-bone run last night. I used this shower gel and lotion to enhance the beach experience. The only thing missing was my Bahama Mama or margarita sitting on the side of the tub. I thought that might be taking this whole thing a bit far. I mean I’m not losing it or anything…yet! We’re jammin’!

{#5} Pet Love



And if all else falls, happy or sad, we always have our pets. I love our cat to the moon and back. I know, I am that person. And by our cat, I mean my cat. He is the best cat ever. Like a dog he greets you at the door, loves to snuggle, talk, and watch out the window. He knows just what to say when you’ve had a bad day and is there to cheer when you have something to celebrate. I can’t imagine our world without pets. Give some love to your pets!

Happy Weekend and Run Happy! We’re Jammin’!

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