{Motivation Monday}

Source: baa.org via Sarah on Pinterest


Today is the Boston Marathon! My dream running goal is to be on the starting line in Hopkinton one day. Since that is obviously not happening today, use the 65 second tour of the race to motivate you in whatever goals you have for the week. Whether you are running your first Boston or your first half marathon this week, good luck and congratulations in advance.

Know that some of the miles will feel good, some of the miles will feel bad, perhaps even terrible, but some miles will feel awesome. The sense of pride as you cross the finish line whether it is race number one or number 31 will never stop! Bask in your hard work and sense of accomplishment, and enjoy the feeling as it carries over into all that you do! Running is rarely ever just physical work; the impact on the spirit is far greater.

Good luck to runners in Boston today!

Happy Monday!

Reedsburg Half Marathon post to come.

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