{Friday Fab 5}

{#1-GU Chomps}
Last week on my long run I brought these along to try because I knew I wouldn’t need much fuel for the run. If I didn’t like them, then I’d survive. I liked them and they did their job of providing energy to my muscles to keep powering my run. If you feel like you need to chew something in order to feel energy, then the GU Chomps would work well for you. I am so used to the GU gels that chewing while running felt like extra work. I find sometimes it is the little things that annoy me when running most, so I try to avoid them at all costs. They were tasty, handy, and effective for those interested.


{#2-Sweaty Bands}
In honor of Memorial Day, my favorite headband company was offering 20% off last week. I took advantage of this deal knowing hoping summer running is upon us. These bands hold hair back, stay in place, and are super cute.


{#3-State Track}
Last weekend was state track at UW-L and several runners from our high school ran. It was fun to watch them perform and think about how far they’ve come since being in middle school track and cross country. Watching high school races always reminds me of how and why I fell in love with the sport of running in the first place. Such amazing memories!


{#4-More Trees}
As I mentioned last week, I love trees. This is my favorite tree-yes, you read that right! I used to run, walk,and sit by this tree in college often. I first saw it at a high school cross country meet and keep coming back to it.


Yesterday was my last day as a teacher at the school I’ve been teaching at for the past six years. I got a job at a new school starting in the fall. Even though I am looking forward to the opportunities at the new job, I never anticipated how hard it would be to leave my old job. I made some great friends and memories while teaching and coaching there. Lets just say there were some tears. Ok, quite a few. I pretty much skipped my run last night to cry, talk to my husband about the change, and cry some more. I know running would have made me feel better, but even I don’t always follow the advice I give. I’m going to miss everyone so much!


Happy Weekend!

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