{Motivation Monday-New Shoes}

One of the best motivators to workout is new workout gear. With running, a new pair of shoes makes me smile each time I put one foot in front if the other and am looking down. My knees also thank me and always let me know when a new pair is needed. This is by the way the ONLY time my knees ever bother me for all those people out there that use this as a reason not to run!

Each new pair of running shoes comes with the new running shoe smell that I’ve come to associate with hope, excitement, and butterflies in my stomach. Yes, I spend time sniffing my new running shoes often those first days because we know they won’t smell like that for long!

My new running shoes!

Why am I smelling my running shoes? The smell of new running shoes takes me back to my high school cross country and track days when new shoe smell meant a new season was about to begin. Hard work in the form of hill repeats, tempo runs, intervals, and repeats was all before you. New goals were being written down and imagined in that new shoe smell. Dreams of races, new PR’s, and conference championships were all waiting in that new shoe smell. That smell was both crazy exciting and nerve wracking at the same time! Today one whiff of that new running shoe smell and I am 16 again, butterflies in my stomach, about to start a new season of cross country.

Today new shoe smell brings with its new laces the promise of great runs in the future. Perhaps a new PR will happen in these shoes, a beautiful new trail discovered and explored, or a new favorite race ran. The hope in the new shoe smell is only limited by where your feet take them. Who knows where these new shoes will take me?
Where will your shoes take you?

Happy Monday!

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