{Friday Fab 5}

Since we are still on vacation and I’m getting to enjoy running in new places, this week’s fab 5 are all photos from runs this week!

{#1-Brazo Bend State Park}
Really we hiked here, but we could have ran. Instead we enjoyed the mostly shaded trails with my sister. The best parts: seeing armadillos, alligators, and the sunset!

#2-Cullen Park}
If you live in the Houston area, then this park is a hidden gem! It connects to the nearby H Trail and is 5 miles (or 10 out and back) of nearly completely shaded trails (the earlier in the day the better). I was not expecting to find this kind of shade in Texas. Best Parts: The shade, and bathrooms and water fountains every couple of miles.

{#3-Mustang Island State Park}
There is only a mile of paved path, but when you are at this beautiful beach you really should be running in the sand. We went barefoot for the last miles of our run and my feet loved the chance to be free from shoes. Best parts: You can’t beat an ocean breeze and the sound of waves hitting the shore on a morning run!

{#4-Ocean Drive}
If you’ve been to Corpus Christi, then you’ve probably walked, biked, ran, or drove on Ocean Drive. There is a reason-it is beautiful. In the early morning hours you will also find quite a bit of shade! Best parts: running right by the water, palm trees everywhere, and the sunrises!


{#5-My Running Partner}
The best part of being on vacation is having someone to run with. This someone is not just anyone, but rather my favorite person to travel and run with-my husband. Before vacation our schedules meant very little time to run together. Since vacation started we’ve run together every day I’ve had a training run. Having someone to encourage and sweat out those hot miles is so helpful. The extra support is awesome; thanks Ryan!


Go exploring this weekend! Find a new route or place to run…or a running partner! If you are ever in Texas check out these routes!

Happy Weekend!

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