{Motivation Monday-Winter Cold And Yuck!}

So this post is much later than normal, but that is with good reason. Yesterday was sort of crazy! We were supposed to host Friendsgiving, and we did but it was not as expected. One friend and her husband got in an car accident on the way to our house, so they didn’t make it. Another friend’s husband ended up taking his brother to the airport and with slippery, snowy roads wouldn’t make it back in time. Instead of eight of us there were five. On top of that I wasn’t feeling well, but thought I knew why.

Fast forward an hour or two after our guests left. I was feeling terrible, but had fallen asleep on the couch (it was 8:00 p.m.-I never do that). All of a sudden I hear Ryan yelling and racing off the couch because…our Christmas tree had fallen over! How that happened we haven’t a clue…Elf??!! Elf claims no involvement in the incident.
He caught it before it hit the table with a candle burning on it. I shot up off the couch to help. Ornaments were everywhere, although only a few shattered on the floor. Now picture this, Ryan is trying to screw the tree back in the stand while I’m standing and holding the tree. I realized the sudden movement had made me feel extra queasy. That’s right the taco chicken chili our guests enjoyed would be coming back up! I ran to the bathroom leaving Ryan to hold the tree from the bottom until I came back. This process happened about four more times before we got the tree up. Poor Ryan was stuck under that tree for awhile, poor me and my repeated up chucking! I’d like to say the grossness was over, but it was a long night.

Needless to say I’ve broken my #rwrunstreak (bah humbug) and missed my #elf4health circuit workout today. Hopefully I’m feeling healthy enough to workout tomorrow. Today was a day spent in the couch feeling like crap. I’m hoping to eat something tonight. Days like yesterday and today are good reminders of how great it feels when we are healthy. I’m far too often guilty of taking my health for granted. Being sick and an accident are all reminders that someday we might not be healthy or able to do what we want to do.
Screen shot 2013-12-09 at 6.31.04 PM
This week and in the future don’t put off what you could do today. Take that challenge and go for it. You never know when that opportunity might be taken from you. Run in that cold weather. Do the thing you’ve always wanted to do, but seem to always put off.
Oh, and make sure your trees are secure people!

Happy Monday!

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