{Friday Fab 5-Christmas Decor Special}

If you know me, then you know me and Christmas go together like a couple who are nauseatingly in love.  Despite the rare fact that we don’t have a tree yet, we have lots of other holiday decor in the house right now. I posted most of my running photos to Instagram this week because I am participating in Runner’s World Holiday Run Streak (run everyday from Thanksgiving Day to New Year’s Day), so here are some of my favorites from decorating this week!

{#1-My advent calendar}

Advent calendar

I made this last year out of a mini-muffin tin after never finding one I liked.  In each muffin spot is either a holiday activity or tradition to do such as watch a Christmas movie, get peppermint hot cocoa and walk to look at holiday lights, or build a snowman.  It’s a fun way to celebrate the season and get excited each morning.

{#2-Holiday Garland and Mistletoe}


Keepin’ the romance alive one kiss at a time.  I recently read somewhere that some married people kiss only once a week.  The average is 11 to 40 times per week, but those kisses last only a few seconds.  Regardless of the number, kisses happen way less frequently in married couples than dating couples (or so this article said).  Why not try to change this?!

{#3-Lottery Advent Calendar}
I’m not for sure if you can call this decor, but I do.  It decorates our refrigerator, and it gives us hope that one day we will have both of our student loans paid off.  One can dream right?  Oh, and we take turns lifting a flap and scratching that days ornament.  I have the odd days this year.  I secretly picked odds because you get to go first, last, and have an extra day.  😉

{#4-My advent tree}
I know, what is with me and advent decor.  This little tree is in our bedroom, and I hold it near and dear.  My grandma gave this to me for Christmas when I was in elementary school.  The lights have since stopped working, but the joy it brings me to wind it up and hear it play music everyday after opening a drawer and adding an ornament to the tree hasn’t.  This was always a favorite of mine growing up, and it still is.  I always think of her when I add an ornament.

{#5-Our Christmas village}


This village once belonged to my mom.  She passed it on to me several years ago.  It is time consuming to put up, but so pretty when it is done.  And a couple more photos because it is just that festive and lovely.



Happy Weekend!

2 thoughts on “{Friday Fab 5-Christmas Decor Special}

    • Thanks! I’m a crazy Christmas-in-every room decorator! Nothing makes it feel like the holidays more! Hope you are feeling the holiday spirit, too! Plus I love keeping and making new traditions!

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