#100happydays {post-100 days}

A little over a hundred days ago I decided to complete the 100 happy days photo challenge. The task: take the time to find something that brings you happiness each day. The goal isn’t to buy or make this challenge about material items. I did my best not to derive my happiness from shopping or store bought joy, but sometimes new shoes just make a girl happy.

The end result they say is happier people who find joy and smiles in little things each day and who can find positives in each day. The end result is a shift in thinking or simply put-an attitude adjustment.

It’s easy to get caught up in the stresses of life and forget what we have or more importantly who we have. The 100 happy days challenge helped remind me to think and some days search for good that happened.

My results: I do feel happier, struggle less to be positive about a bad day and feel I can find good in each day. Try it for yourself. But, the key is TRY it for yourself not just post random photos. Finding happiness in the simple things on a rough day isn’t easy! We could all use a bit more try in this area. We’ve got nothing to lose!

Here are my past 100 days:
Simply post a photo each day of something that brought you joy, happiness or was a positive in your day and add the hash tag #100happydays

Have fun!


{Friday Fab 5-Sobelman’s, Girls’ Weekend, Summer Salads, Go West Itinerary, Mountains Are Calling}

Earlier this spring the husband and I ate at AJ Bomber’s and Sobelman’s while in Milwaukee over two different weekends. We wanted to do our own little Food Wars competition. I wrote about AJ Bombers in a previous Friday Fab 5, but I realized I never mentioned we also ate at Sobelman’s several weeks ago. So here are our results: beer selection-AJ Bombers, bloody mary’s-Sobelman’s, atmosphere-can’t compare as they are totally different. Sobelman’s feels like your grandpa’s fun and friendly bar that serves awesome bloody mary’s while AJ Bombers has an urban and modern feel with great local beers. Now for the important part-the food. While AJ Bombers offers organic grass-fed burgers (yum!), Sobelman’s burgers were hand-down the best burgers we have eaten. Both were great places to eat and I encourage you to do your own version of the Food War’s whenever you have a chance.

{#2-Girls’ Weekend}

Last weekend the ladies in my husband’s family got together for a weekend of fun. Most of the guys were gone on a fishing trip. We enjoyed good food, drinks and fun. One of our stops was the River Walk Pub in Wisconsin Dells. It was a beautiful place with good food, too. Any girl traditions you have in your family?

{#3-Summer Salads}
Lately I’m obsessed with salads-specifically summery salads with fruit. The left was one I made at home, the middle from a local restaurant, Sprecher’s, and the last is the Strawberry Poppyseed Salad from Panera. Anyone have any must try salad recommendations?

{#4-Go West Itinerary}
Screenshot 2014-06-22 21.15.18
Today we go west! Our trip will include the Badlands, Yellowstone, Grand Tetons, Portland, Oregon (run marathon-Foot Traffic Flat), Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, Glacier National Park, Missoula, Montana (run marathon-Missoula Marathon), and Theodore Roosevelt National Park. I will be posting tons of photos on Instagram so follow me @sneaksandstilettos (http://instagram.com/sneaksandstilettos) to see some beautiful images of the US of A, two more states in my 50 in 50 journey and other road trip fun the husband and I embark on! Stay tuned for a post with tips about staying active while on vacation sometime next week!

{#5-The mountains are calling!}
Screenshot 2014-06-26 20.41.09
Packing for a vacation that involves camping, backpacking in remote areas, running marathons, and wanting to dress cute on weekends is time intensive. Then do it alone. The husband has been on a fishing trip in Canada since last Monday and he gets back just in time for us to leave again. I can hear the mountains calling. I’m ready for a break!

Happy Weekend!


{Wisconsin Marathon Training-Week 12}

,Screenshot 2014-03-23 22.26.30

This week I only ran once.  If I had to pick a week to be injured, I guess this would have been it.  With lots of responsibilities, life events, and unexpected things popping up, running took a back seat this week.  After sitting out most the week, I am so anxious to go for a run.  My foot is feeling better, but where I go from here is on a day-by-day basis.  I’d love to resume the training plan Monday, but we will see.  The most important thing is giving my foot time off to heal so I can show up to the starting line healthy.  Even more unexpected than missing my running time this week was how much I missed the fresh air and being outside.  Having ran outside all winter this week has been the most I’ve been indoors and it was challenging.

Looking at Ryan’s training this week, I’d say my foot held not only me back, but Ryan too.  Granted we had some unexpected family things happen this week.

Tuesday-5 miles (both of us)

Wednesday-Ryan lifted

Thursday-5 miles (Ryan)

Tip of the Week:  Just because we didn’t do so well sticking to the training plan this week doesn’t mean you have to have the same experience.  If you are injured or something feels painful, then by all means skip your run until you feel better or see a doctor.  If you are healthy, then here are some tips to stay committed to your training plan.

1) Plan Your Workouts-Yes, your training plan tells you what to run and when.  What I mean is look at your obligations and work load for the week.  Are there days you need to move around?  Will you need to move a p.m. run to the a.m?  What might be going on this week that could negatively impact your training runs being completed.  Be proactive and adjust your training plan to accommodate your week in advance to ensure all training runs have a time and a place.  Sunday nights work great for this!

2)  Run with Friends-Schedule a run or two for the week with a friend.  Having someone to meet up with will increase the chance you don’t bail on your miles.

3) Log Your Miles-I log every run in RunKeeper.  I get excited to enter my miles and see my progress towards my goal.  Other apps or social media to try include Daily Mile, Strava, or even Instagram.

4) Spread the Word-Tell family and friends about your race or long runs.  Knowing they might ask you about them and how they went will help you stay committed to your training.

5) Reward Your Hard Work-I almost always think of a personal incentive for after a long run or difficult speed session.  Rewards could be food, but might also be a massage, new pair of running socks, a pedicure, or whatever interests you.

6) Move that Butt-Once you get home from work or out of bed in the morning, get your run on right away.  Don’t make excuses or procrastinate because you only increase the chance you won’t make it out the door or have time for all your miles.

7) Cross It Off Your List-I love lists and crossing things off them.  I have a paper copy of my training plan on the refrigerator so I can cross a workout off after I complete it.  Something is so satisfying about the action of checking off a list.

8) Race for Your Race-Schedule a few tune up races to get some speed training in or a half marathon race as part of your long runs for marathon training.  I love racing; the change in scenery is refreshing to your training, you get the opportunity to have a dress rehearsal for your big day, and it can rejuvenate and remind you of your training goals.

Total Miles-5 (Sarah) and 10 Ryan

Happy Training!

{Friday Fab 5-Christmas Decor Special}

If you know me, then you know me and Christmas go together like a couple who are nauseatingly in love.  Despite the rare fact that we don’t have a tree yet, we have lots of other holiday decor in the house right now. I posted most of my running photos to Instagram this week because I am participating in Runner’s World Holiday Run Streak (run everyday from Thanksgiving Day to New Year’s Day), so here are some of my favorites from decorating this week!

{#1-My advent calendar}

Advent calendar

I made this last year out of a mini-muffin tin after never finding one I liked.  In each muffin spot is either a holiday activity or tradition to do such as watch a Christmas movie, get peppermint hot cocoa and walk to look at holiday lights, or build a snowman.  It’s a fun way to celebrate the season and get excited each morning.

{#2-Holiday Garland and Mistletoe}


Keepin’ the romance alive one kiss at a time.  I recently read somewhere that some married people kiss only once a week.  The average is 11 to 40 times per week, but those kisses last only a few seconds.  Regardless of the number, kisses happen way less frequently in married couples than dating couples (or so this article said).  Why not try to change this?!

{#3-Lottery Advent Calendar}
I’m not for sure if you can call this decor, but I do.  It decorates our refrigerator, and it gives us hope that one day we will have both of our student loans paid off.  One can dream right?  Oh, and we take turns lifting a flap and scratching that days ornament.  I have the odd days this year.  I secretly picked odds because you get to go first, last, and have an extra day.  😉

{#4-My advent tree}
I know, what is with me and advent decor.  This little tree is in our bedroom, and I hold it near and dear.  My grandma gave this to me for Christmas when I was in elementary school.  The lights have since stopped working, but the joy it brings me to wind it up and hear it play music everyday after opening a drawer and adding an ornament to the tree hasn’t.  This was always a favorite of mine growing up, and it still is.  I always think of her when I add an ornament.

{#5-Our Christmas village}


This village once belonged to my mom.  She passed it on to me several years ago.  It is time consuming to put up, but so pretty when it is done.  And a couple more photos because it is just that festive and lovely.



Happy Weekend!