{Wisconsin Marathon Training-Week 12}

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This week I only ran once.  If I had to pick a week to be injured, I guess this would have been it.  With lots of responsibilities, life events, and unexpected things popping up, running took a back seat this week.  After sitting out most the week, I am so anxious to go for a run.  My foot is feeling better, but where I go from here is on a day-by-day basis.  I’d love to resume the training plan Monday, but we will see.  The most important thing is giving my foot time off to heal so I can show up to the starting line healthy.  Even more unexpected than missing my running time this week was how much I missed the fresh air and being outside.  Having ran outside all winter this week has been the most I’ve been indoors and it was challenging.

Looking at Ryan’s training this week, I’d say my foot held not only me back, but Ryan too.  Granted we had some unexpected family things happen this week.

Tuesday-5 miles (both of us)

Wednesday-Ryan lifted

Thursday-5 miles (Ryan)

Tip of the Week:  Just because we didn’t do so well sticking to the training plan this week doesn’t mean you have to have the same experience.  If you are injured or something feels painful, then by all means skip your run until you feel better or see a doctor.  If you are healthy, then here are some tips to stay committed to your training plan.

1) Plan Your Workouts-Yes, your training plan tells you what to run and when.  What I mean is look at your obligations and work load for the week.  Are there days you need to move around?  Will you need to move a p.m. run to the a.m?  What might be going on this week that could negatively impact your training runs being completed.  Be proactive and adjust your training plan to accommodate your week in advance to ensure all training runs have a time and a place.  Sunday nights work great for this!

2)  Run with Friends-Schedule a run or two for the week with a friend.  Having someone to meet up with will increase the chance you don’t bail on your miles.

3) Log Your Miles-I log every run in RunKeeper.  I get excited to enter my miles and see my progress towards my goal.  Other apps or social media to try include Daily Mile, Strava, or even Instagram.

4) Spread the Word-Tell family and friends about your race or long runs.  Knowing they might ask you about them and how they went will help you stay committed to your training.

5) Reward Your Hard Work-I almost always think of a personal incentive for after a long run or difficult speed session.  Rewards could be food, but might also be a massage, new pair of running socks, a pedicure, or whatever interests you.

6) Move that Butt-Once you get home from work or out of bed in the morning, get your run on right away.  Don’t make excuses or procrastinate because you only increase the chance you won’t make it out the door or have time for all your miles.

7) Cross It Off Your List-I love lists and crossing things off them.  I have a paper copy of my training plan on the refrigerator so I can cross a workout off after I complete it.  Something is so satisfying about the action of checking off a list.

8) Race for Your Race-Schedule a few tune up races to get some speed training in or a half marathon race as part of your long runs for marathon training.  I love racing; the change in scenery is refreshing to your training, you get the opportunity to have a dress rehearsal for your big day, and it can rejuvenate and remind you of your training goals.

Total Miles-5 (Sarah) and 10 Ryan

Happy Training!

{Wisconsin Marathon Training-Week 1}


It is only week one so you would think it would be easy peasy to get all of our runs done. Throw in a holiday and some really cold temps and that doesn’t make life so easy. Before I outline our first week training I’ll share a bit about the training plan we are following.

Ryan is following the below plan to gear up to run his first marathon. The plan is not the easiest plan as Ryan has run four half marathons in the past couple years without much training. By not much training I mean running only two longer runs leading up to the halves. It is not an advanced plan by any means either because Ryan’s previous training cycles were not really what I would call training and low in miles. He has never ran this kind of mileage so I do not want him to over do it and risk injuring himself. We are approaching the plan knowing when we get to the upper 30 and 40 mile weeks that we may need to make adjustments to his plan. You do not need to run 40 miles a week to finish a marathon. If your body can handle the mileage though it will usually make you better prepared (i.e. the marathon will be easier–no easy though) and you have a better chance of finishing in less time.
Screen shot 2014-01-02 at 8.16.43 PM
Screen shot 2014-01-02 at 8.16.58 PM
When choosing a plan be realistic about your past and current fitness level. Choosing a plan that is too high in mileage will leave you injured, burnt out, or both. Choosing a plan that is too easy may not be as rewarding or allow you to see the results you hope to see. More details about training plans can be found in this previous post-Training Plans.

This week we completed the following as our prep begins for the Wisconsin Marathon.

Day 1-Monday (3 miles easy)


Thursday (5 miles easy)
We ran separately this day.

Friday (3 miles easy)




Saturday (8 miles-long run)
Both of us had tight muscles with all the cold weather running. After a few warmup miles (this is important runners) our muscles relaxed a bit. Having temperatures in the low 30’s (wind chills in mid20’s) was like a heat wave. We both overdressed and had to ditch some layers after our first 5 mile loop. The last 3 miles were on a paved trail, which gave our legs a nice finish to our first long run of the marathon training.
Screen shot 2014-01-03 at 1.16.11 PM
Towards the end of the run Ryan felt hungry. Fueling properly can be one of the biggest learning curves of training for your first long distance race. Once you get more accustomed to running longer distances you will know what to eat, how much, and when. Ryan learned that a small bowl of oatmeal may not be enough before longer runs.  More on fueling right in a future post.
Screen shot 2014-01-05 at 9.00.35 PM
Bowls of fruit post-run had our hangry selves in a much happier state. Remember, just because you are running more does not mean you can eat everything in sight. Well, I guess you could, but that isn’t going to help things much. Neither of us are training to specifically lose weight, but we each have a few pounds to lose. With proper fueling and training that shouldn’t be a problem.

We missed a 5 mile run this week with our busy schedules and the cold weather, so we made our 3 milers a little longer to make up for it. These are totally excuses, BUT since both Ryan and I increased our mileage a fair amount, we decided this would also be the bet choice to stay injury free.

In the past month I have only been running 15 miles max a week in an effort to rest after a busy November of racing a 5k (PR’d), 5 mile, half marathon (PR’d) and a challenging marathon. Ryan had been running about 15 miles a week on top of lifting at the gym two to three times a week.

Week 1 Total-19.83 miles

Ryan’s Tip of the Week-Be sure to dress in layers for cold weather runs.  If you put on too many layers you can always take them off.  When dressed appropriately for winter, running outside in the cold isn’t too bad.  When you don’t wear enough layers your appendages can get very cold (especially your male parts)!

Happy Running!

{Friday Fab 5}

{#1-Date Night}

2012-02-18 20.26.51

I’ve always believed dating your spouse to be important. We laughed and talked so much during our date night! I used the Incredibooth app! Love it!

{#2-Modified Fall Training Schedule}



I’ve come to terms that my original PR goal for the Big Cottonwood Marathon in Utah won’t be happening. Is this training plan anything like my previous one…NO! Am I 100% I can do this plan with the ankle…NO! Am I going to try…YES! I’m going to run easy and what I can for a couple weeks building my miles back up so I can finish this race. With coaching high school cross country (assistant) and team dinners each week, I will only be planning to run four days. This will also give me more rest days to rest, ice, and monitor the ankle. You’ll notice biking made it on the schedule. I plan to bike one day per week or in place of runs if needed. Some days will go as planned. Others will be a wreck I’m sure!

{#3-Future Date Nights}

Screen shot 2013-08-16 at 12.31.43 AM

Ryan and I are reinstating date night as of this week. We are making this little project to help us stay committed to the idea during the crazy work weeks. Make one with your spouse or significant other. Keep things fun and interesting because no matter what life throws at you, they are your other half.

{#4-Pilgrim Pacer Marathon}

Screen shot 2013-08-16 at 12.26.16 AM

I signed up to run this marathon for my Kansas race because of the time of year (after cross country is done and fall) and the cool race medal! I’m a sucker for holiday related race events.

{#5-Today is tomorrow!}

Screen shot 2013-08-16 at 12.37.34 AM

No more tomorrows! I will get things moving in the right direction-TODAY. I’m going to the grocery store-TODAY. I’m going to run-TODAY. I’m going to put laundry away-TODAY.

What will you do TODAY? This weekend?

Happy Weekend!