#100happydays {post-100 days}

A little over a hundred days ago I decided to complete the 100 happy days photo challenge. The task: take the time to find something that brings you happiness each day. The goal isn’t to buy or make this challenge about material items. I did my best not to derive my happiness from shopping or store bought joy, but sometimes new shoes just make a girl happy.

The end result they say is happier people who find joy and smiles in little things each day and who can find positives in each day. The end result is a shift in thinking or simply put-an attitude adjustment.

It’s easy to get caught up in the stresses of life and forget what we have or more importantly who we have. The 100 happy days challenge helped remind me to think and some days search for good that happened.

My results: I do feel happier, struggle less to be positive about a bad day and feel I can find good in each day. Try it for yourself. But, the key is TRY it for yourself not just post random photos. Finding happiness in the simple things on a rough day isn’t easy! We could all use a bit more try in this area. We’ve got nothing to lose!

Here are my past 100 days:
Simply post a photo each day of something that brought you joy, happiness or was a positive in your day and add the hash tag #100happydays

Have fun!


{Friday Fab… #100happydays}

This week has been crazy.  It is a true testiment to what #100happydays is all about.  When life gets stressful, frustrating, overwhelming, and just irritating we HAVE to find little things in our day to enjoy, celebrate and love or else the day is marked with negativity.  I reached day 50 this week.  While I wouldn’t say my thinking has totally changed, I’m starting to see myself appreciate small and little details in each day that ultimately make me feel happy and often become the big things.  The final goal is still a work in progress.

Below I’m posting a 50 day #100happydays check in.  What are you happy about today?  What could you be happy about?  It really is a mind set.






Happy Weekend! Look for the little things and the big things that make you happy this weekend!


{Motivation Monday-100 Happy Days}

Life always seems to fly by at such a crazy pace. The days pass by in a blur, moments go unnoticed, and often it feels like I didn’t take time to enjoy what the day had to offer. Moments of happiness, joy, contentment, and laughter can be found in each day, but we have to make time for them-something I fail to do too often.

Starting today I’m making a point to set aside a few moments each day to celebrate something to be happy about for the next 100 days. The 100 Happy Days Challenge will not always be easy. Some days are filled with happy moments while others can be overlooked. Some days it is easy to forget all the good things we have in our lives.  The advantages to taking on this challenge are numerous, and we could all use a little slowing down and smelling the roses.

Screenshot 2014-03-23 22.56.21

Running also has many mental facets and challenges. Training the mind to see things in a more positive way can benefit you on your next difficult run, speed session, or bonked race. Join me in my 100 day happy challenge! You can follow my 100 days of happy on Instagram (#100happydays), too.  What do you have to lose?


And a little something to get your Monday started in a happy direction…

Happy Monday!