{Friday Fab… #100happydays}

This week has been crazy.  It is a true testiment to what #100happydays is all about.  When life gets stressful, frustrating, overwhelming, and just irritating we HAVE to find little things in our day to enjoy, celebrate and love or else the day is marked with negativity.  I reached day 50 this week.  While I wouldn’t say my thinking has totally changed, I’m starting to see myself appreciate small and little details in each day that ultimately make me feel happy and often become the big things.  The final goal is still a work in progress.

Below I’m posting a 50 day #100happydays check in.  What are you happy about today?  What could you be happy about?  It really is a mind set.






Happy Weekend! Look for the little things and the big things that make you happy this weekend!


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